Easy pasta primavera

MY COOKING CONFIDENCE TOOK A BEATING this week. First, Phoebe and I prepared Italian Style Pasta & Cheese Cups for a post-play date lunch yesterday. There was a pan-melting incident but sadly that wasn’t the worst of our lunch woes. Sufficed to say the only people who ate said cups were me, the other mom and Phoebe, eating champ that she is. One of the other kids put it up to his mouth but to say he took a bite would be saying too much. The other two refused to even go that far. Oh dear.

Tonight, I decided to make things simple. Fresh ravioli from the health food store, ham rolled up in kamut noodles, would be served under a blanket of freshly made red sauce and shredded cheese. For the sauce I used crushed tomatoes, a generous gulp of red wine, two bay leaves, fresh basil, fresh parsley, dried oregano and dried bay leaves. Trying to pack in easy nutrition and flavor, I experimented with half of bag of frozen organic mixed vegetables, minestrone in these parts. Sauteed onions and garlic at the start would’ve made it much better but I didn’t have any, nor did I have the time. Perhaps it was the onions, perhaps not but again, the people who ate this dinner included myself and Phoebe. Notice how my husband was omitted from this list, instead mumbling something about having just eaten a few hours ago. To say oh dear would be saying too little. I think I need to go to bed.


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