carrots can be “fries” too

roasted carrots and potatoesMY KIDS DON’T LIKE CARROTS. Do yours? I’ve made carrots many ways–oven roasted carrots with oil, salt and pepper, sauteed carrots with citrus butter, roasted whole carrots with maple glaze, even heart-shaped carrots–and guess what? They still don’t like them. Sure, the kiddos usually try everything since that’s one of our most basic dinner time rules. But they don’t really enjoy carrots.

What they do enjoy is French fries. With ketchup. So you see where I’m going here…

One of the little things I’ve started doing in the name of raising healthy eaters is adding a punch of color and nutrition to a pan of potatoes. To our last batch, I just threw in a couple of peeled carrots, trying to cut them so their size was about even with the potatoes. They got slathered in the same yummy mixture of olive oil, dried basil, garlic powder, thyme, salt and pepper, then the whole thing went into a hot oven at 425 degrees F for about 25 minutes. (Don’t forget to flip once halfway through.)

Now I won’t lie to you. No one was cheering when they saw carrots on their tiny white plates but with the promise of a glug of ketchup, they each ate a couple of carrots. Did they enjoy them? Nah. But it wasn’t a big deal either.

Besides, I’m sure they’ll end up liking carrots some day. Pretty sure. And until that time, there are always tasty ways to tuck a little carrot in here and there. Here are some of my favorites: Hide & Sneak: 6 Clever Ways to Get Carrots Into Your Kids



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