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rice krispies eggs for easter, foodletsTHERE ARE TONS OF ELABORATE EASTER IDEAS FOR KIDS OUT THERE, but this isn’t one of them. These are basic Rice Krispies Treats tucked inside plastic eggs. They’re so simple, so sweet and you know what, just as tasty as I remembered them being.

rice krispies treats in plastic eggs for easter, foodlets.com

Usually I try to go for “healthy” ideas but with three kids under the age of five and other coming in May, “easy” works pretty well too. Especially when it comes to fun Easter ideas for kids. Two quick tips that worked for us:

  • Take a paper towel smeared with a little butter and gently rub the insides of the plastic eggs. Ours didn’t stick one bit.
  • I made half a batch because really, how many Rice Krispies Treats do we need? If I can’t make something healthier, and I’m not sure that I could here, I just choose small portions.

rice krispies eggs closed up, foodlets



  1. Rob says

    Hi Charity,
    How have you been? I wanted to let you know how much I love Foodlets. Please keep it going! Stay inspired. You give me some great ideas for my son’s picky diet.

    Rob in Alabama

  2. charityc says

    Hi Rob! We’re great over here, enjoying the first days of spring in NC and expecting a baby girl in May. What a sweet season it is. So glad to hear that we’re helping–and you can bet we’ll keep with it. Thanks for your note! Charity

    • Rob says

      Thats fantastic! May is a great month! My son will be 12 at the end of may. Its amazing how fast time passes us by. It seems we just graduated high school and now i have tons of grey hair.
      Take care,


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