baked scrambled eggs

baked scrambled eggsEGGS + MILK + HAM + ONE BUG PAN = a whole morning of fun. Since the sun has come out, we’ve started eating breakfast outside on the patio and these little buggy egg cups fit right in.

It’s essentially a mini omelette. Just beat some eggs, pour in a bit of milk plus any other toppings your crew likes: cheese, ham, salami, mushrooms, tomatoes… The real star of the show is the bug-shaped baking pan, of course. I have no affiliation with Nordic Ware, other than undying love for this pan (and several others like it) and highly¬†recommend it. I just dust it with a layer of no-stick oil spray, pour in the eggs about half full (they fluff!) and bake for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees F.

Then head outside for your accolades. Smiles will do.estelle smiles




  1. Lori says

    Forever wanting to get more veggies in my kids, I got on the gadget bandwagon! I ordered this pan and made these this morning, with spinach. Thank God for Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham and for my boys’ love of bugs!!! Not sure what it’s like in your house, but 3 1/2 yr old boys love destroying bugs… These included! It’s went something like this, ‘NO! Don’t eat the butterfly’s wing!’ ‘Bzzzzzzz, yum! I ate the bee!’ And tada! Spinach in both kids and eggs for my non-egg-eater. Score one for me! Ps. Mine took about 30 mins to cook.

    • charityc says

      So great! Is it the same pan? Mine were so much faster than 30 mins. I’ll make them again this week and test one more time. In the meantime, yahoo for boys eating spinach in the morning–and loving it!


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