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applesauce zucchini muffins

zucchini muffin tops

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU 12 CUPS OF SHREDDED ZUCCHINI, FRESH FROM THE GARDEN, YOU… If you’re a crazy person like me, you hit the kitchen and make zucchini muffins. Lots of muffins. Now these are not our first healthy zucchini muffins. (So far we’ve done zucchini spice muffins and a zucchini chocolate cake.) But they’re some of… 

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Oatmeal applesauce mini-muffins

oatmeal apple butter muffins on foodlets

THIS IS A NEW ONE. Phoebe and Estelle like something that I’m just not that into. Because we still had a few cups of delicious apple butter at our disposal, Phoebe and I whipped up some muffins yesterday and I’ll tell you this, the munchkins love them. For me it’s a texture thing; I was… 

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Low-Sugar Hummingbird Cake

low sugar hummingbird cake, foodlets

It’s already been a year! We celebrated Violet Agnes’ first birthday in exactly the way you’d expect. With balloons, grandma visiting from the West coast and of course, a low-sugar birthday cake. This one is our version of a “hummingbird cake”, which Wikipedia calls “a banana pineapple spice cake common in the Southern United States”. My mom… 

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3-Ingredient Chia Seed Refrigerator Jam

3-ingredient chia seed refrigerator jam

WHY MAKE JAM when in the year 2015 it’s very easy to zip right down to the Food Lion and pick up a jar or seven? And what about your mom’s delicious homemade recipe? Here’s my case for chia seed refrigerator jam: Store-bought or homemade, jam is typically full of sugar. Making traditional strawberry jam… 

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7 Nutritious Finger Foods for Babies (the Whole Family Loves, Too)

nutritious finger foods for babies the whole family loves

HEALTHY BABY FOOD DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PUREED. And it can be part of a meal you’re making anyway. When it comes to great finger foods for babies, here are 7 of my favorites–which happen to be elements of family favorites as well. 1. CRUSTY BREAD (OR TOAST). We serve a loaf of crusty bread with… 

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What Food Banks Need Most (And What They Get Too Much Of)

20 things food banks need most, foodlets

IS THERE A FOOD DRIVE GOING ON NEAR YOU? Every day for the last week, our kindergartener has loaded up her purple backpack with groceries for her class’s food drive. Boxes of whole-grain pasta and jars of tomato sauce, brownie mix and canola oil, all easier-to-make versions of meals I regularly fix for our family. But I got to thinking,… 

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10 real ingredient, packaged foods this food blogger swears by

foodlets favorite packaged foods for kids

THAT’S RIGHT, I DON’T ALWAYS COOK EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH. Most of our meals are made from fresh, whole ingredients but not every time. Anyone with small kids (and likely those without but who can even remember those days right now?) will run out of two things at some point: time and energy. Or maybe it’s just… 

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strawberry jam bars with oats

oatmeal bars with jam (in pan)

THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO MAKE THESE–one involves chocolate while the other is packed with chia seeds, flaxseed and dried cranberries–and believe it or not, both are delicious. We’re focusing on the second option here, but you can zip right over to eHow to get our chocolate version too. In a long line of yummy… 

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strawberry jam muffins with glaze

low sugar strawberry muffins with strawberry glaze

FRESH STRAWBERRIES ARE HARD TO COME BY this time of year. And if you’re into cooking fairly seasonally like I am, you might love a cheat like this one. Get all that yummy strawberry flavor (and the pretty pink color) by using strawberry fruit spread. Try to find something low in sugar and even better… 

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maple syrup sweet potato whoopie pies

sweet potato whoopie pies

IT’S ON. Fall is here and things are so pretty in our corner of North Carolina that I don’t miss Rome one bit. Except for maybe the food. And the amazing architecture. And the 1 euro cappucini on every corner. And the general public’s unabashed love for children. Except for that stuff. But here’s something… 

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even healthier pumpkin spice mini muffins

more healthier pumpkin muffins

THESE MUFFINS STARTED IT ALL. The first time I made our pumpkin spice mini-muffins in Rome, I knew we were on to something because the kids liked them, but I loved them. Finally a decadent tasting baked good that I didn’t have mixed feelings about. So we made spin-offs: carrot cake muffins, sweet potato muffins and more. But the original… 

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peach crisp so good (and good for you) you’ll eat it for breakfast too

peach crisp cooked on right

IF YOU WANT TO SCORE POINTS WITH THE RASCALS, serve them dessert for breakfast. Make it this dessert and you won’t even have to feel weird about it. It’s basically fresh fruit, oats, nuts, a little honey  and yep, wheat germ.  


healthy apple spice quick bread

Apple Spice Cake

I DON’T KNOW WHO ATE MORE OF THIS, ME OR BABY GEORGE (or what that says about either of us). But what I do know is that we packed this apple spice loaf with as many good-for-you ingredients as we could, and it was still so delicious the older kids were asking about it long… 

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how to pack amazing school lunches kids love, Katie Morford’s best tips

Best Lunch Box Ever by Katie Morford

UGH. THAT’S THE SOUND OF MOST PARENTS MAKING SCHOOL LUNCHES. But not Katie Morford. Katie heads up the popular blog, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried World and just wrote a new book with a promising title, “Best Lunch Box Ever“. Brimming with fresh, creative ideas that look just as tasty as they… 

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