melon & mint ice pops

melon and mint ice pops

IF YOU HAVE A TEETHING TODDLER, you’ll know why I made frozen melon ice pops last week instead of just serving the little rascals a few wedges of cantaloupe. These cool treats certainly aren’t limited to those walking around with three fingers stuffed in their little mouths though. Our preschoolers were cheering when they saw these pops come… 

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star shaped cheese, tomatoes and crackers

star shaped cheese and tomato snack

FOR KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN ITALY, these three are pretty jazzed about celebrating the 4th of July. Actually, they’re mostly excited about these little star shaped cheeses (thanks, veggie cutters!). Fireworks and parades? Our kids have no idea those are part of the package, yet. But boy I sure do.I still get a little… 

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15-minute cheesy spinach & chicken pasta

15 minute spinach pasta with chicken, foodlets

THIS ONE’S A 3-BOWLER. At least for Phoebe, our 5-year-old. Okay, okay. I admit it. I also found myself eating at least another helping, standing next to the sink while I pretended to “clean the kitchen” after dinner. It’s just that kind of pasta dish. And there’s even better news: the recipe is so simple, and… 

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homemade blackberry creamsicle ice pops

homemade blackberry creamsicle ice pops

NOPE. There’s no sugar in these babies. Just milk, yogurt, a dash of maple syrup and fresh blackberries–though you could use any fruit you (and more importantly, the kids) like. With summertime in full swing around here (read: 90 degree days) homemade ice pops hit the spot. That’s good news because thanks to help from… 

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low sugar lemon cupcakes with marshmallow flowers

purple marshmallow flower cupakes,

SHHH. There’s a very small person sleeping right next to me, which is the only reason I’m able to post today’s recipe. That, and even on Father’s Day, my brave husband has taken all three of our “bigger” kids out to breakfast and to church. Alone. Let’s pause to pray for him, shall we?Sweet Violet… 

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Welcome Violet Agnes Mathews

welcome violet agnes mathews

SHE’S HERE! We’re so thrilled. And a little tired. Our fourth Foodlet has arrived and while I haven’t been in the kitchen for the last week — thanks to two grandmas and our entire church community — I’m so happy to introduce you to Violet. Look for more kid-friendly recipes, more ideas and more tales… 

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3 simple frozen treats your kids will love

homemade popsicles for kids, foodlets

IT’S 90 DEGREES IN NORTH CAROLINA TODAY–that’s 99 degrees in pregnant lady temperatures.  With my due date for baby #4 officially a day behind me and my stomach WAY out in front of me, I can think of no better reason to share a few of my favorite popsicle recipes for kids. Each is low… 

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book giveaway! 2 copies of “The Family Cooks” by laurie david (sorry, it’s over.)

the family cooks by laurie david

I GET A LOT OF COOKBOOKS with this gig, but not all of them are full of delicious recipes. This one is. We’ve been cooking from Laurie David’s new book, “The Family Cooks” for the last two weeks…and loving it. Our two favorite recipes so far are both for breakfast — Banana Muffins (natch) and… 

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fresh, fruity summer porridge, a recipe from “The Family Cooks”

fresh fruity summer porridge, a recipe excerpt from "the family cooks" by laurie david

Summer porridge? It may sound like an oxymoron, but this hearty mix of raw oats, yogurt, and fresh fruit is cool and tangy. Spoon it into pretty glasses or mason jars, pop them into the fridge, and let chill overnight so the oats soften and all the flavors get to know each other. The next… 

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banana muffins, a recipe from “The Family Cooks”

banana muffins from the family cooks

A muffin is a tiny cake! And sometimes not so tiny. Cake for breakfast? No wonder kids like muffins! Pssst, parents! Although these are treats, they use whole-grain flour, fruit, and unrefined sugar. And cinnamon is a trickster spice that makes sweets taste sweeter.   banana muffins   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time… 

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moroccan couscous made kid-friendly

moroccan couscous for kids, foodlets

REMEMBER WHEN YOU USED TO EAT ETHNIC FOOD? If you haven’t had a zesty international flavor from somewhere other than Taco Bell since before the kids were born, this one’s for you. I actually love Moroccan food but wondered how all those unfamiliar spices and unexpected ingredients would go over with my three knee-highs. So we… 

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Cook, Clean Food Off Floor, Repeat

Phoebe and Estelle cooking, foodlets

There are few things more grueling than the day-in-day-out demands of feeding kids. Actually picking up the phone instead of emailing someone? Merely annoying. Laundry? Never-ending but at least it stays in polite piles until I can get to it. This rigorous routine of three meals a day plus snacks has nearly pushed me over… 

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low-sugar muffins with berries & ricotta cheese, a Food 52 Makeover

gift shaped muffins, foodlets

MOTHER’S DAY IS A TRICKY ONE. At least for me. I know the customary “gift” is something along the lines of breakfast in bed, but the only time I’ve eaten breakfast on a tray since becoming a mom has been inside a hospital, right after giving birth. Otherwise it’s off to the races starting around dawn ever since…. 

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fruit flavored water: how to get the kids off juice

strawberry flavored water,

IF YOUR KIDS ARE HOOKED ON THE SWEET STUFF, this may be a good substitute. It’s simple, tasty and best of all, a smart solution for weaning even the biggest juice fans off it for good. What’s wrong with juice? It’s just so full of sugar, basically the equivalent of soda, which is obviously not great… 

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