Frozen Grapes, Another “Why Didn’t We Do This Sooner?” Snack

frozen grapes

If you haven’t discovered frozen grapes as snacks for kids yet…go straight to your freezer and throw a bunch in. (Or go straight to the store. Whichever makes more sense with your grapes situation at home.) The Technique Just pull the grapes off the vine. Pop them in a zip-top bag with enough space so… 

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How to Make Yogurt Parfait Popsicles, with Step-by-Step Photos

yogurt parfaits foodlets

By now you know I’ll whip up homemade popsicles out of anything–and the kids will eat it with the biggest, drippiest smiles you’ve ever seen.Spinach? Yep. Lemonade? Of course. Pureed melon? Done, and loved. We’ve also made this Fresh Fruity Summer Porridge about a dozen times, by combining yogurt with whole oats and fruit and letting it sit overnight… 

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DIY bruschetta kids love

DIY bruschetta, foodlets

Well, something amazing happened. Picture 5:30pm. On a bad day. You know, when the kids are yelling and fussing, you’re trying to get plates on the table and just as you do…everyone groans? Your husband is still at work and you’re wondering why you even bother making fresh meals for a knee-high crowd who doesn’t care? Now… 

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5 pictures of school lunches with 2+ servings of fruit & veggies (plus alternatives to sandwiches!)

fun and healthy school lunch ideas

School has started again! And guess what that means? We’re packing school lunches again. Every day. Our kids are little, preschoolers and one first grader, and these are their favorite fun & healthy school lunch ideas–the school lunches they ask for and actually eat. Each one is full of fresh fruit and veggies, or the kind of thing… 

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Ginger Peanut Noodles with Bell Peppers

peanut ginger salad review, foodlets

These cold noodles are a summer staple. Because they are awesome. At least some of our kids think so. Use any shape of pasta your kids like and don’t worry about the flavor of whole-wheat pasta taking over because in this salad, that nutty whole-wheat taste holds up perfectly. Even better than regular pasta. These noodles are a simpler… 

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Sliced Cucumber Sandwiches

turkey & cheese cucumber sandwich

No bread here, just crunchy slices of cucumber. The cucumber IS the bread. Why? Because we have 457 million cucumbers growing in our garden right now. Plucking 4, 8, 12 cucumbers out of the yard every day means my fridge is overflowing with the darn things. (Are they mating in there? Raising happy little families right… 

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Birds’ Nests: Baked Pasta Cups with Spaghetti & Spinach

birds' nests, baked pasta cups

Leftover pasta becomes an easy lunch for kids, one with a little imagination that makes for cute lunch discussions. It also includes spinach. Because you know my policy on making things Florentine: Do it as often as possible. We’d had spaghetti for dinner the night before. I threw in an extra handful of whole-wheat pasta, then stored… 

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Real Food Starter Recipes Tested By Real Kids: 5 Simple (& Healthy) Dishes Kids Love

olive oil and baby carrots

Trying to move toward more home cooked meals and less processed food? Worried about time? What about going to the trouble of cooking only to have the kids give your meal a big thumbs down? This is the place to start. I’ve jumped in to many silly tasks in my day. Signed up for things on a… 

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Slow Cooker Cheesy Rice with Beef & Beans: A One-Pot Tex-Mex Meal

slow cooker rice, beans, beef & peppers

WE’RE ON A BIT OF A ROLL with meals like this slow cooker rice, beef, beans and peppers. There’s been quinoa enchilada casserole, slow cooker shredded chicken Tex-Mex, and one-pot Mexican casserole–each one a total success with the munchins. I mean, I don’t want to jinx it or anything. Because if there’s a roll, I want… 

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Easy Pita Pizzas with Cheese & Spinach

white pizza with spinach

There’s nothing like an easy lunch for the kids. Unless it’s a healthy lunch. And this one’s both. Bonus, even though these easy pita pizzas with cheese & spinach are warm and gooey, the whole thing is done in 5 minutes flat. Our kids don’t always like a “cooked lunch”. I’m guessing because they often have to… 

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Because Even My “Mom Shorts” Were Feeling Pinchy, I Drank SkinnyTox Wellness Tea for 2 Weeks

skinnytox tea in open box

*SPONSORED POST There comes a time in a mom’s life when she just can’t take it. When she says, I’m ALREADY in my “just buy a bigger size” shorts and these things are still fightin’ me every time I get to the button. You win, Costco shorts, you win. It’s uncomfortable to be overweight. And TIRING. Neither of… 

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