blueberry smoothies with a superfood surprise

FROZEN BLUEBERRY, fresh avocado smoothies

Frozen blueberries are an ingredient I make sure to never run out of. Honestly, there is usually a pile of bags taking up most of the space in my freezer. This is because in my weekly grocery shopping blitz, the one where I spend 20 minutes trying to throw everything I need into the cart before… 

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how to make little fish cupcakes

how to make little fish cupcakes

We’ve had our eyes on these little fish cupcakes for a while. Cute, right? Our version of little fish cupcakes is very similar, except we skipped the special eyes and just went with M&Ms. I’ll show you how we did it right here. These are the big finish for our pool party food drive birthday party… 

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3-Ingredient Strawberry-Peanut Butter Wraps

strawberry peanut butter wraps

The idea for these easy strawberry-peanut butter wraps came from a new cookbook I’ve already grown to love,“Real Baby Food: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby & Toddler”. We’ve devoured had these several times and when I say “we” I mean all the kids, even baby Violet, and me. And we can’t wait to have… 

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How to Make a Pasta Salad Turtle: The Potluck Dish of Your Kids’ Dreams


Even though it’s been a while, moving back to America from Italy has meant many big changes. English. Big cars. And potlucks. So many potlucks. Church potlucks, school potlucks, people who get mail potlucks (you’re coming, right?). We have another one coming up in a couple of weeks and I have to confess something: I… 

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Saucy Meatball Sliders from “Real Baby Food”

17_MeatballSliders_Jenna Helwig Baby Food Book12107.smaller

I love mini food for kids. It’s easy for them to handle and the portion sizes are perfect. But there’s something I like even more than mini food, versatile food. Meatballs can be served straight-up, in pasta or on small buns as sliders. Like these! Whole wheat dinner rolls make the excellent “buns” and bonus, you… 

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10 Dinner Leftovers that Make Great Kids’ Lunches

dinner leftovers that make great kids' lunches

I know, where was this post 8 months ago? Dinner leftovers that make great kids’ lunches is the kind of information that would’ve been useful…earlier. These so-simple lunch ideas for kids will get us through the remaining weeks of school and don’t worry. Kids will still want lunch again in September, or August when our school begins… 

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The tiny way we improved the already moist (and healthy!) cornbread our kids love

healthy cornbread for kids

Is bacon. These bacon-topped cornbread squares are a riff on our already beloved makeover of Ina Garten’s cornbread. As with all of our Barefoot for Babies recipe makeovers, our version is healthier, sweetened with honey and packed with either wheat germ or ground flaxseed. But there’s also lots of plain yogurt and milk in there, resulting… 

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No Presents Please! How to Host a Food Drive Birthday Party

food drive birthday party

I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I LIKE MORE about this food drive birthday party. Helping families in need or cutting down the clutter in our own house. (Selfish, true. Now back to the story!) For my kindergartener’s birthday party we’re asking friends not to bring presents. But to load up on groceries instead! It took a couple of… 

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10 Grain-Free Snacks for Carb & Sweets Lovers

10 grain-free snacks for kids

Looking for healthy snacks for kids with fewer grains, carbs and sugar? In a new editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, experts say we all eat way too much sugar. That no amount of exercise can reverse eating too many sweets, and all this sugar is leading to serious problems for everyone. “Poor diet now generates… 

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One-Pot Mexican Quinoa Casserole (Plus a Fancy Serving Suggestion for Kids)

one-pot mexican casserole, foodlets, lemon

THERE ARE TIMES WHEN I NEED A LITTLE HELP getting the kids to try something new. Part of my goal here is to create a great relationship between our kids and the food we eat. Part of that is nutrition, cooking fresh and healthy meals. Part of that is fun. Enter, egg cups. They’re just… 

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overnight chia seed pudding with berries

chia seed pudding, foodlets

CHIA SEED PUDDING IS JUST ABOUT THE PERFECT MAKE-AHEAD BREAKFAST, particularly for sunny weather. But I didn’t always know this. The first time I made chia seed pudding, the whole concept was so foreign to me that I actually thought you HAD to use coconut milk. As though it wouldn’t work with other liquid. Like regular milk. Since then… 

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Make-Ahead Honey Mustard Chicken

honey mustard chicken, foodlets

“Can we make the chicken for them?” Phoebe whispered in my ear. (And when I say “whispered”, I mean she breathed. Little puffs of inspiration delivered straight to my ears. How can one request be so tickly and so excited all at once?) Paul’s parents were visiting from Florida and after a disastrous dinner the night… 

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How to Make 5-Minute Yogurt Icing

angel food cake with yogurt icing

IT’S ALMOST BIRTHDAY PARTY SEASON AT OUR HOUSE. And there’s something in it for you already! Starting in May, we’ll have four birthdays in three weeks. Confession: even people who enjoy cooking get a little tired of baking cakes, cakes, cakes and one more cake. Enter the gorgeous and easiest cake of the season. I saw something like… 

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one-pot homemade mac & cheese

one-pot homemade mac & cheese, foodlets

I THOUGHT I NAILED IT with our 15-minute homemade mac & cheese. Then I heard something mind-blowing. You can make one-pot pasta. With almost anything. Now I just walk around saying, “Wait, what?!? WHY haven’t we been doing this all along? Why have I been washing all these pans? Is this some sort of joint conspiracy… 

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4 Ingredient Protein-Packed Peach Smoothies

frozen peach smoothies

SMOOTHIES. AN EASY SNACK FOR KIDS. A healthy snack for kids. What’s not to love? Plus, smoothies are so versatile. If you want something refreshing that won’t ruin the kids’ appetites before dinner, blend up this combination: 1 banana 2 cups frozen fruit, in this case peaches 1 cup milk If you’re looking for a snack… 

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Easy Veggie Calzones

easy veggie calzones, foodlets

MY KIDS WERE BORN IN ITALY so they know their way around a pizza. But calzones were new to them. I loved these veggie calzones for their individual portions and portability. Plus they’re basically a pocket to fill with vegetables. Lots of kids have trouble eating veggies at dinner, partially because that’s the only time of… 

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Sautéed Cabbage with Sausage, Apples & Onions

cabbage, apples and onions

“I JUST DON’T LIKE IT” they all said. Before any of them had tried a single bite. Even I was worried. Would four kids under the age of six like sautéed cabbage and sausage with apples and, gasp, onions? But I couldn’t help myself. A dinner like this is so nutritious, so colorful and it’s even… 

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bell pepper sailboats

bell pepper sailboats, foodlets

WHEN IT COMES TO CUTE FOOD SOMETIMES PARENTS GRUMBLE, “But then they’ll ask for something special every day!” I imagine my brood like little emperors reclining on fluffy pillows with pipes perched in the corners of their jam-smeared mouths. In come the demands: “Bring me my grape caterpillars!” “You call that a spider sandwich?” “WHEEEERE is my… 

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