Baby food recipe: Roasted zucchini

Sliced zucchini_

UNLESS YOU’RE A TODDLER, roasted zucchini is one of the most delicious ways to eat this ubiquitous squash. (If you’re a toddler, you will likely only try a bite because you’ve been promised a sticker and even then will probably spit it out. A sticker can only get you so far…) But if you’re a… 

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Baby food recipe: pureed plums

Pureed plums

WINTER FRUIT FOR BABIES isn’t always easy to come by, especially if you’re looking for seasonal or local produce. Pears yes, bananas no (unless you’re enjoying Christmas in the tropics and if you are, we’d like to join immediately). Apples yes, oranges no (unless your baby is over a year or so, according to pediatricians’… 

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Baby food recipe: Roasted beets

Roasted beets

NOTHING IS EASIER. Except maybe frozen peas, but let’s get back to the beets. Since we’ve got both a baby and a toddler here, one who is very into “cake”, these beets are doing double duty. At 9 months, Estelle eats them, mixed with whole wheat baby cereal but we’ve also thrown these beets into… 

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Pureed carrots for babies

AS MARK BITTMAN ONCE SAID, “IT’S NOT THE BETA CAROTENE, IT’S THE CARROT”. There’s just something wonderful about this sweet, crunchy and super healthy food. Easy to cook, versatile and best of all, simply to puree for babies. As with most baby food purees, a “recipe” isn’t really in order. It’s more of an idea… 

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Beginner baby food: 5 first foods for babies

On the sidelines for quite a while, Estelle is eager to be part of the I-Eat-Food team.

HERE WE ARE AGAIN. I’m thrilled to say that Estelle is now officially an eater. A foodlet, I don’t know but she’s eating solid food and that’s good enough for me. We started her on the classic “beginner” foods and once she got the hang of it her reaction went from eyes-closed shuddering to an… 

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How to cook millet

IT’S NOT JUST FOR BIRDS, but that’s probably where you’ve heard of millet. As birdseed. Unless you were in the Peace Corps like my friend Molly who said, “Oh. That was a staple for people in Niger when I was there.”  It makes sense though, because millet is easy to grow in places with extreme… 

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Side dish or pureed baby food: roasted squash with maple glaze

Winter squash,

HERE’S WHAT I do. Cut up any winter squash, slather with olive oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper. Then bake at 375 for about 35 minutes, depending on how big the chunks are. Puree for instant baby food or add to salads, soups or rice dishes. Either way it’s a tasty burst of vitamins A… 

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