no-bake oatmeal chocolate chip energy cookies

no-bake oatmeal energy cookies, foodlets

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING–Why would my kids need more energy!?–and I hear you. About the 50th time I’ve scooped George off the kitchen counter each day, or looked down only to find something like this happening, I have the same thought. And also this one. Who can make such a mess with toothpicks?

double berry cream puffs, a step-by-step recipe for kids

strawberry cream puffs, foodlets

I’M A BIT OF A SUCKER FOR VALENTINE’S DAY. The kids don’t even know what it is, but now that we’re back in the US, I’m diving into all the special occasions, big and small. That’s why I can’t wait to serve them these little strawberry cream puffs on February 14. They’re pink, they’re easy… 

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2-Ingredient Banana Cookies (Neither One Is Sugar)

2 ingredient banana cookies, foodlets

THIS WAS OPRAH’S IDEA, these super simple snacks. In a recent issue of O magazine, the one I read cover to cover with so much longing for the actual Oprah show that I practically ate every page–Oprah! Where are you? Now that I am finally, for the first time in my life, actually at home… 

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6 healthy Christmas cookies & treats to make with (and for) the kids

6 healthy christmas treats for kids

BOY ARE WE BAKING! ‘Tis the week for using every pan in the kitchen right? At least these Christmas recipes for kids are pretty simple, fairly healthy and all of them are kid-tested, which I hope makes for happy meals at your house too. Merry Christmas! Whole Wheat Pita Crisps with Cinnamon Sugar Dried Cranberry… 

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little things that work: simple Christmas tree brownies

christmas tree brownies, foodlets

HAVE YOU SEEN THESE YET? For part 2 of this holiday themed “little things that work” post, we bring you brownies cut into triangles and voila, Christmas trees! Along with the kids, I made them for our preschooler’s Gingerbread Fest and they were so fun and so easy that we’ll definitely do it again next… 

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whole wheat pita crisps with cinnamon sugar

whole wheat cinnamon sugar crisps, G

THESE CINNAMON TREATS ARE SO SIMPLE THAT OUR PRESCHOOLER MADE THEM practically by herself. They’re also quite healthy and definitely delicious.  We’re big on cinnamon here, because it’s a tasty way to add flavor without sugar, but also because it’s so dang good for you. Just a sprinkle of that magical stuff can do everything… 

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whole wheat dried apricot tarts (or jam tarts, or prune tarts, or…)

fruit tarts in the pan, foodlets

WHEN GRANDMA COMES TO TOWN, our kitchen goes into overdrive. Paul’s mom and dad were here for a visit over Thanksgiving and made one of Paul’s childhood favorites, apricot tarts. It’s an old recipe, the original could have, maybe come from a newspaper but this version has definitely been passed around church groups, through family… 

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peanut butter hot toddies

peanut butter hot toddies, foodlets

IT’S NOT SMOOTHIE WEATHER ANYMORE. We’re heading straight into hot chocolate season here but I’d rather not spend the rest of fall with three kids crying, wrestling, climbing kitchen counters and “mommmmmmy-ing”, all thanks to the inevitable sugar crash from cocoa. No can do. Enter, the warmest little mug of goodness to hit our kitchen… 

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maple syrup sweet potato whoopie pies

sweet potato whoopie pies

IT’S ON. Fall is here and things are so pretty in our corner of North Carolina that I don’t miss Rome one bit. Except for maybe the food. And the amazing architecture. And the 1 euro cappucini on every corner. And the general public’s unabashed love for children. Except for that stuff. But here’s something… 

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pumpkin bran muffins with chocolate chips

pumpkin bran muffins, foodlets

WELL, WE MAY HAVE A PICKY ONE. Usually a voracious little eater, every time I’ve tried to give 17-month-old George a bite of anything other than carbs lately, he chucks it across the room. Airborne. Veggies, cheese, certainly meat, all of it hits the floor moments after I set the offending food in front of him…. 

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mini pumpkin pies, a low-sugar halloween treat

mini pumpkin pies for kids

I CAN’T LIE TO YOU. These aren’t exactly “healthy” Halloween treats for kids. But they’re not so bad for you–or the kiddies–either. Low in sugar, full of pumpkin and even chia seeds, the main culprit here is that deliciously buttery pie crust. But the serving size is so small that I think we can get… 

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10-minute no bake chocolate, fruit & nut balls

no bake chocolate fruit and nut balls,

THESE HEALTHY SNACKS TOOK 10 MINUTES to make, even with my three “helpers” on hand. That’s not my favorite thing about these no bake balls though. With 4-5 ingredients and instructions like “roll”, even two-year-old Estelle could easily get in on the action. But, nope. That’s not the best part either. I love this new… 

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peach crisp so good (and good for you) you’ll eat it for breakfast too

peach crisp cooked on right

IF YOU WANT TO SCORE POINTS WITH THE RASCALS, serve them dessert for breakfast. Make it this dessert and you won’t even have to feel weird about it. It’s basically fresh fruit, oats, nuts, a little honey  and yep, wheat germ.

zucchini chocolate chip breakfast cookies

zucchini chocolate chip muffin tops

YEP, ZUCCHINI. Barbara Kingsolver wrote in her amazing book, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle“, about the windfall of zucchini she had after planting her first garden. They had piles of the stuff everywhere, on every surface of the kitchen. That’s when her daughter decided to get drastic. Bake them into cookies, she said. And that’s just what… 

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low-sugar lemon chia seed cakes

Lemon chia seed cakes on

THEY’RE HERE! Remember when one of you wonderful people who actually read this blog asked me about doing a makeover of a recipe you found on your very expensive bag of chia seeds? I was all, sure, I’ll do that! Then we started moving, packing, unpacking, trying to find the grocery store, hunting down preschools…and all thoughts… 

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just add almond meal. a new (healthier) chocolate chip cookie recipe!

chocolate chip cookies

LIKE CAKE, COOKIES CAN ONLY BE SO “HEALTHY”. And that’s not really the point of them anyway. A treat is a treat, but with all the birthday parties and special celebrations going on during any given week, most of us are deeper in the throes of “cupcake creep” than we want to be. Enter the… 

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no-sugar frozen fudge pops (bananas, yes, avocados, yes, sugar, nope!)

fudge pops

WE HAD A LITTLE PREVIEW OF SUMMER for a while, and when the sun came out, we made these. To our chocolate-avocado-banana pudding, we added honey and milk then froze the whole thing in Popsicle molds. The taste is rich and creamy and the ingredients are only good for you.

flourless black bean chocolate cake. yep.

black bean cake

I HAVE A LIST OF TOP 5 FOODS. In fact, on one of our first dates, I asked Paul about his. With a sort of deer-in-the-headlights look, he shrugged and explained that he didn’t have such a list (he politely left out saying anything like “because I’m not 9″). No matter. Mine, I announced, were:… 

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strawberry lemonade tiramisu, a dessert recipe from “The Yummy Mummy Kitchen”

YMK image - strawberry lemonade tiramisu

SPRING, MEET A DESSERT MADE IN YOUR HONOR. Fresh from the pages of *The Yummy Mummy Kitchen, a beautiful kid-friendly cookbook, and the same one that we just happen to be giving two copies away (hint: enter now!), I’m delighted to share this pretty little treat by Marina Delio. So simple to prepare–it’s mostly stacking–I… 

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