peach crisp so good (and good for you) you’ll eat it for breakfast too

peach crisp cooked on right

IF YOU WANT TO SCORE POINTS WITH THE RASCALS, serve them dessert for breakfast. Make it this dessert and you won’t even have to feel weird about it. It’s basically fresh fruit, oats, nuts, a little honey  and yep, wheat germ.

zucchini chocolate chip breakfast cookies

zucchini chocolate chip muffin tops

YEP, ZUCCHINI. Barbara Kingsolver wrote in her amazing book, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle“, about the windfall of zucchini she had after planting her first garden. They had piles of the stuff everywhere, on every surface of the kitchen. That’s when her daughter decided to get drastic. Bake them into cookies, she said. And that’s just what… 

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low-sugar lemon chia seed cakes

Lemon chia seed cakes on

THEY’RE HERE! Remember when one of you wonderful people who actually read this blog asked me about doing a makeover of a recipe you found on your very expensive bag of chia seeds? I was all, sure, I’ll do that! Then we started moving, packing, unpacking, trying to find the grocery store, hunting down preschools…and all thoughts… 

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just add almond meal. a new (healthier) chocolate chip cookie recipe!

chocolate chip cookies

LIKE CAKE, COOKIES CAN ONLY BE SO “HEALTHY”. And that’s not really the point of them anyway. A treat is a treat, but with all the birthday parties and special celebrations going on during any given week, most of us are deeper in the throes of “cupcake creep” than we want to be. Enter the… 

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flourless black bean chocolate cake. yep.

black bean cake

I HAVE A LIST OF TOP 5 FOODS. In fact, on one of our first dates, I asked Paul about his. With a sort of deer-in-the-headlights look, he shrugged and explained that he didn’t have such a list (he politely left out saying anything like “because I’m not 9″). No matter. Mine, I announced, were:… 

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strawberry lemonade tiramisu, a dessert recipe from “The Yummy Mummy Kitchen”

YMK image - strawberry lemonade tiramisu

SPRING, MEET A DESSERT MADE IN YOUR HONOR. Fresh from the pages of *The Yummy Mummy Kitchen, a beautiful kid-friendly cookbook, and the same one that we just happen to be giving two copies away (hint: enter now!), I’m delighted to share this pretty little treat by Marina Delio. So simple to prepare–it’s mostly stacking–I… 

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A little bit green for St. Patrick’s Day: better-for-you shortbread shamrock cookies

shamrock shortbread cookies

OUR KIDS HAVE BEEN MISBEHAVING. I’m sure this never happens at your house, but this has been one of those weeks. We’ve had a whining, crying, tantrum-throwing, Pull-Up-removing time of it for days now. But this morning when Paul and I mentioned working toward a picnic dinner at the playground tonight, as in, we only… 

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Lower-sugar, lower-fat golden yam brownies (An makeover)

Lower sugar, lower fat yam brownies, sweet potato muffins

THIS REQUEST CAME IN FROM ALASKA. Tricia, who is a mom to three boys living waaay up north, sent me a link via Facebook to these decadent treats with a healthy sounding name, Golden Yam Brownies on Allrecipes. She asked if I could do a healthier makeover. “My family LOVES it but it’s loaded with… 

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coconut milk and chia seed no-cook, no-sugar pudding

coconut milk and chia seed no-cook, no-sugar pudding on

THEY LOVE THIS STUFF. I’m shocked and amazed myself, but our girls do. I’d been hearing about the health benefits of chia seeds for years–fiber, omega fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants and protein–but in Italy, if it ain’t the stuff that mama made, it ain’t available. At least not in my grocery store. (The Italians are… 

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diy dark chocolate truffles

dark chocolate truffles on

THESE WERE A DISASTER. A delicious disaster, but nonetheless. I decided to update Heidi Swanson’s No-Bake Chocolate Cake to give it a kid-friendly spin. It turns out that a recipe basically made of pure chocolate doesn’t actually need a spin. Except for the part where the debilitating sugar crash ends the activity in tears. See: disaster… 

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low sugar coconut cookies (a 101 cookbooks makeover)

low sugar coconut cookies from Foodlets

WE KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO BE HEALTHY, because this cookie recipe was inspired by 101 Cookbooks. But we’re all pleasantly surprised to know they’re tasty too. (And when I say “we” I mean Phoebe and Estelle who keep hanging out by the little blue storage bin, longingly.) With a quarter of the sugar you’d usually… 

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Chocolate pumpkin muffins two ways (both involve white beans, both are very good)

chocolate pumpkin muffins two ways

THIS BREAKFAST WAS ORIGINALLY A DESSERT, but if there’s an option to wake up to chocolate I have only one thing to say, yes please! It’s also packed with white beans, oatmeal and pumpkin, so there’s enough good-for-you ingredients to keep a kid going all morning long. (Mom, too.) First we redid Chocolate Covered Katie’s… 

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Individual plum crisps (a Barefoot Contessa recipe makeover)

Individual plum crisps already cooked on the pan

WE’VE DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. Last summer a friend appeared on our door, bag in hand overflowing with juicy purple plums. We combined them with a few berries for a family-style dessert at a friend’s summer rental. This time we got our own plums and this time they were yellow. And this time, I… 

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Peanut butter chocolate chip pie

peanut butter chocolate chip pie

FOR PAUL’S BIRTHDAY I made a decadent dessert inspired by Dorie Greenspan’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte. But because I didn’t have quite everything on her shopping list available in Italy, I adapted it to suit my supermarket. The result was delicious and if I wasn’t trying to transform myself from a formerly pregnant person into… 

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Snap, crackle, fun! 3 last-minute food ideas for the 4th of July


4th of July Layered Drinks from In Katrina’s Kitchen EVEN THOUGH WE’RE IN ITALY where the 4th of July only means George’s first month birthday (and that’s only at our house), I couldn’t resist showing off some of these adorable Independence Day ideas from my favorite blogs. Here’s to you, USA! Looking forward to some… 

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Fresh strawberry milk

strawberry milk

While I enjoy my mini-maternity leave, I’m thrilled to present a guest post from fellow mom and former colleague, Marie Facini. The genius in this drink is threefold: it’s exceedingly simple to prepare, it’s a great way to pack the all-important calcium punch, and it puts spring’s bounty of strawberries to good use.