kid-friendly mini reuben sandwiches (a step-by-step recipe)

platter of mini reuben sandwiches, foodlets

IT’S NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY, BUT ST. PATRICK’S DAY can be really fun. Especially if you’re four, three or even one–and there’s special food on the menu. We’ve got a bunch of festive ideas coming up and these mini-sandwiches are just the first. Bonus, they’re not limited to leprechaun season so you can make them any… 

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maple syrup sweetened chocolate cake & 5 things I learned about throwing kids’ parties

estelle with cake

WHEN I ASKED ESTELLE WHAT SHE WANTED for her 3rd birthday, she said, “chocolate cake with chocolate frosting”. Okay, then I explained that she could ask for presents too, like at Christmas time. “Oh!,” she said. “And a chocolate bear.” That’s what she got in her stocking, apparently making quite an impression–more so than the… 

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mini mac & cheese cups (with carrots too)

mac & cheese mini muffins, foodlets

LAST WEEK WE HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY LUNCH for 6 preschoolers to celebrate Estelle’s 3rd birthday–and at the birthday girl’s request, these mac & cheese mini cups were the main course. Like our broccoli & cheese pasta cups, they’re essentially macaroni and cheese (with a built-in veggie) to go. And like our broccoli & cheese pasta… 

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sandwiches on a stick

sandwiches on a stick, foodlets

FOOD ON A STICK has got to be the easiest way to make food fun. (Except for maybe making parfaits with yogurt, chili, whatever…but I digress!) It was our turn to bring the preschool snack again and we picked these little sandwiches on a stick, which could certainly work for lunch too. I liked that we… 

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healthier broccoli & cheddar soup

broccoli and cheddar soup, foodlets

ADD THIS ONE TO THE “AT LEAST I LIKED IT” CATEGORY. But we’ll try again because I actually loved this soup, so there’s gotta be hope for the rascals. Besides, they can’t get enough broccoli when it’s roasted with olive oil, so the hardest part–getting them familiar with the sometimes tricky flavor of broccoli–is already… 

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little things that work: simple Christmas shapes for sandwiches

gingerbread shaped sandwiches

ALL YOU NEED IS ONE BIG COOKIE CUTTER plus five spare seconds and lunch will be served with an equally large smile. (Save the outside of the bread to make eggs-in-the-hole later in the week. Another smile, coming right up.) I have a gingerbread, a snowflake (a ghost and a pumpkin too) and doing this one… 

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spicy pasta with chicken, spinach and goat cheese

chicken, butternut squash pasta

I’M BREAKING A PRETTY BIG RULE HERE. The idea of making two meals, one for the kids and another for the adults, is just too exhausting for me to even consider on most days. But for our Halloween lunch, I decided to spare the moms those mummy turkey dogs. Instead we adapted a recipe from… 

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halloween party food for preschoolers

halloween lunch trays

SHHH. SINCE WE’RE NEW TO THE U.S. this year, we’re skipping trick-or-treating…because our kids don’t really know what it is. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to dress up! So we had four friends over on Friday–a ballerina princess, a super hero, a unicorn-pegasus and a fairy princess, plus Pooh and Piglet (Tigger was… 

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spooky spider eggs

spooky spider egg, foodlets

THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE PINTEREST IDEA, from our Healthy-ish Halloween Ideas for Kids board. Like the string cheese witches’ brooms, they’re absolutely adorable but also…shockingly easy. My girls are egg people. They love eggs. Hard boiled eggs. Egg salad sandwiches. Scrambled eggs. So I knew this would be a hit. And it was. For… 

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tomato, basil & spinach soup with cheese tortellini (and bat croutons)

tomato, basil and spinach soup with cheese tortellini

DEAR INA GARTEN, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU and your amazing recipes, but I can no longer spend 45 minutes roasting tomatoes BEFORE the soup making process truly begins. That is because there are three small crazy people living in my house now. I can however, make a simpler (and healthier) version of your wonderful… 

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even healthier pumpkin spice mini muffins

more healthier pumpkin muffins

THESE MUFFINS STARTED IT ALL. The first time I made our pumpkin spice mini-muffins in Rome, I knew we were on to something because the kids liked them, but I loved them. Finally a decadent tasting baked good that I didn’t have mixed feelings about. So we made spin-offs: carrot cake muffins, sweet potato muffins and more. But the original… 

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Ina Garten’s gazpacho becomes kid-friendly watermelon gazpacho

watermelon gazpacho, kid-friendly gazpacho on

SOME RECIPES FOLLOW YOU wherever you go. The Barefoot Contessa’s gazpacho is one of them, and I’ve been making it longer than I’ve been a parent. Maybe even longer than I’ve known Paul. There were big batches blended up in small New York City apartments, at least as many in Rome and now our first… 

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little sandwiches for lunch: rollie pollies kids can’t resist

peanut butter and jelly rolly pollies on Foodlets

THERE’S USUALLY A WAY TO MAKE it more interesting, but not always time. I went to a parents’ discussion at our local library last night, something that made me feel extremely grown-up, where the social worker who was speaking described parenthood in two ways: sometimes it’s about surviving, other times we’re thriving. Immediately I thought… 

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tomato & cheese tart

tomato and cheese tart

THIS WAS THE HARDEST RECIPE I’VE MADE in a long time. But I did it. And it was delicious, at least two parents and one preschooler thought so. Baby George and Estelle who is two, begged to differ. But here’s my theory: Phoebe helped me make it and when you’re a kid in the kitchen,… 

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how to pack amazing school lunches kids love, Katie Morford’s best tips

Best Lunch Box Ever by Katie Morford

UGH. THAT’S THE SOUND OF MOST PARENTS MAKING SCHOOL LUNCHES. But not Katie Morford. Katie heads up the popular blog, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried World and just wrote a new book with a promising title, “Best Lunch Box Ever“. Brimming with fresh, creative ideas that look just as tasty as they… 

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