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OUR GIRLS MAY BE LITTLE, but we know about packing healthy foods for lunch away from home–and we were thrilled to share a few ideas with Kate Hanley in her article 7 Ideas for Easy – And Healthy – School Lunches on There are several smart ideas from sites that I’m dying to check… 

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Foodlets on Epicurious


WOW! AND YAY! Foodlets is featured on The Epi-Log in my very own Q&A interview. This blog appears on Conde Nast’s notable food site, Epicurious. I’m especially thrilled to see our crazy humble ideas there because a. It’s Epicurious and b. I love Conde Nast; my first job was at Bride’s Magazine in New York… 

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Fatty acids make babies smarter

THIS IS NO FISH TALE. A new study came out last week making it official. Fatty acids are beneficial for babies. Tue, Sep 20, 2011 (HealthDay News via BabyCenter) — Whether they’re fed by bottle or breast, babies seem to turn out smarter when nourished with healthy fatty acids found in breast milk and some… 

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Do we have to eat genetically modified food?

SPEECHLESS. This is how I’d like to end today’s post but I don’t want to appear overly dramatic lest the message be diluted. Have you ever wondered, why so many people are allergic to peanuts now? And milk? And corn? According to this expert, it’s because those items aren’t “real food” anymore. Not always. Thanks… 

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Mark Bittman on what’s wrong with what we eat

IF MY CULINARY HERO has long been Barefoot Contessa, this man is her new competition. Only new to me though. Mark Bittman has been a food columnist for decades, currently employed by an outfit called The New York Times. Here, he speaks to something I’ve been trying not to hear for quite some time: we… 

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If the only choice is carrots, kids will eat carrots

IN VENDING MACHINE NEWS, there’s actually a surprisingly hopeful finding. Thanks to the keen eye of Margaret Roach, my friend/mentor/idol, I recently read a article where a high school in Ohio quickly turned junk foodies into carrot crunchers…by installing a baby carrot vending machine. Turns out, kids like snacks. If the available snacks are… 

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Mark Bittman’s Get Tough Advice for Dinner

peppers and oil

HE’S GOT IDEAS, BUT they don’t sound easy. In Mark Bittman’s summertime treatise on how to get dinner on the table–and the family around it–he offers five just-do-it tips on I love Mark Bittman, I love a family dinner. I’m in. Particularly when introducing a new food, say, raw carrots, typically goes like this… 

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