when all else fails, make baby food: roasted sweet potato and apple baby food

roasted sweet potato and apple baby food

“IT’S NOT GOING WELL”, says my tired old self. “Except that it is!” says the hopeful part of me, the one that remains rosy cheeked despite 2 sleepless nights with our little guy’s new cold. So it’s a bit of both, that’s how I’d sum up this move and here’s why: It’s a complicated process…. 

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Baby food recipe: Roasted beets

Roasted beets

NOTHING IS EASIER. Except maybe frozen peas, but let’s get back to the beets. Since we’ve got both a baby and a toddler here, one who is very into “cake”, these beets are doing double duty. At 9 months, Estelle eats them, mixed with whole wheat baby cereal but we’ve also thrown these beets into… 

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Pureed carrots for babies

AS MARK BITTMAN ONCE SAID, “IT’S NOT THE BETA CAROTENE, IT’S THE CARROT”. There’s just something wonderful about this sweet, crunchy and super healthy food. Easy to cook, versatile and best of all, simply to puree for babies. As with most baby food purees, a “recipe” isn’t really in order. It’s more of an idea… 

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Beginner baby food: 5 first foods for babies

On the sidelines for quite a while, Estelle is eager to be part of the I-Eat-Food team.

HERE WE ARE AGAIN. I’m thrilled to say that Estelle is now officially an eater. A foodlet, I don’t know but she’s eating solid food and that’s good enough for me. We started her on the classic “beginner” foods and once she got the hang of it her reaction went from eyes-closed shuddering to an… 

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Ina Garten’s white bean and rosemary soup

white bean and rosemary soup, Foodlets.com

I LOVE THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA. I just do. I always have, I hope I always will. Her recipes are always delicious, they inspire me to try new things and she just seems fun, doesn’t she? With that husky laugh and a button down shirt, there she is making all manner of soups, roasted chicken and… 

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Side dish or pureed baby food: roasted squash with maple glaze

Winter squash, Foodlets.com

HERE’S WHAT I do. Cut up any winter squash, slather with olive oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper. Then bake at 375 for about 35 minutes, depending on how big the chunks are. Puree for instant baby food or add to salads, soups or rice dishes. Either way it’s a tasty burst of vitamins A… 

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