Barefoot Contessa Makeover: Corn muffins with jam filling

Corn  muffins

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER PLAYGROUP, ANOTHER BAKED GOOD. This time we tried something even more healthy…but it didn’t start that way. Barefoot’s corn muffins promise to be moist and delicious, which is easy to believe when you consider the half pound of butter called for in the original recipe. That won’t work for us so we… 

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Barefoot Contessa Makeover: Oatmeal raisin scones

Oatmeal raisin scones plate,

WE’RE ON AN OATMEAL KICK HERE IN ROME. The temperatures are cooling off and Phoebe has recently discovered dried cranberries which means oatmeal every morning, naturally. We’re just doing the quick oats which cook in one minute…except they don’t. It takes several minutes to boil the water, then another couple to cook the oats. I’m… 

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Barefoot Contessa Makeover: Cranberry wheat germ muffins

dried cranberries,

THEY’RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEY SOUND, REALLY. And Phoebe loves them. Every morning this week I’d ask, “do you want a muffin?” She’d nod as emphatically as someone can without being hauled off to an institution, start saying “mmm, mmm, mmm” and jamming her finger into her empty plate so hard I thought it… 

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Apple cream cheese mini-muffins

apple cream cheese mini-muffins,

FINALLY, A BAKED GOOD that Phoebe likes! And not a moment too soon. We started a play group this week and I’d been told ahead of time to bring a “healthy snack”. I wasn’t sure how the group would go but I knew this for sure: the last thing we needed was a lousy snack… 

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Banana carrot mini-muffins: a first-time flop

YOUR HELP NEEDED. Please. What originally caught my eye about this recipe, besides the stunning photographs at 101 Cookbooks was this: it’s sugar free. And it involves cream cheese frosting. Sugar free cream cheese frosting. That means three of my favorite things for Phoebe. Something sweet, something new, something without sugar. However, Phoebe hated them…. 

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