want kids to eat more veggies? try a 3-dip taste test

baby carrots with dip, foodlets

SOME KIDS LOVE EATING VEGETABLES. And, this may totally surprise you, some don’t. But almost all kids love condiments. Sweet, salty, gooey? Check, check and check! For a fast vegetable dish or a nutritious snack, I set out a bunch of organic baby carrots plus three “dipping sauces”. These can be anything. From hummus  (homemade or from… 

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a little shot of spinach, the best way to start dinner!

spinach soup for kids, foodlets

This is an idea straight from “French Kids Eat Everything“, and I love it. In her amazing memoir about moving to France with two picky eaters then watching the European culture transform their whole family, Karen Le Billon explains that many French households have a baby food maker handy, even if they don’t have a baby…. 

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little things that work: simple Christmas shapes for sandwiches

gingerbread shaped sandwiches

ALL YOU NEED IS ONE BIG COOKIE CUTTER plus five spare seconds and lunch will be served with an equally large smile. (Save the outside of the bread to make eggs-in-the-hole later in the week. Another smile, coming right up.) I have a gingerbread, a snowflake (a ghost and a pumpkin too) and doing this one… 

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little things that work: add a sweet potato to your next pan of potatoes

sweet potatoes and yellow potatoes

WE ALREADY KNOW THE KIDS LIKE ROASTED POTATOES. But spuds, full of potassium as they are, still don’t have the nutritional punch as some of their neighbors in the produce section. Here’s the solution. I’ll use the proven potatoes as a starting point then slip in some sweet potatoes (or carrots) just to add color,… 

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little things that work: cut cheese into shapes

cheese in shapes, snack

ALONG WITH OUR UNSTOPPABLE PUMPKIN MINI MUFFINS, Phoebe brought a bit of cheese to school for her go at snack time. To spice things up we used our amazingly affordable vegetable cutters–the ones we made carrot and cucumber flowers and stars with for a suddenly kid-friendly spinach salad–to cut the cheese. Was this necessary? Not… 

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carrots can be “fries” too

roasted carrots and potatoes

MY KIDS DON’T LIKE CARROTS. Do yours? I’ve made carrots many ways–oven roasted carrots with oil, salt and pepper, sauteed carrots with citrus butter, roasted whole carrots with maple glaze, even heart-shaped carrots–and guess what? They still don’t like them. Sure, the kiddos usually try everything since that’s one of our most basic dinner time… 

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turkey & cheese roll-ups, an easy lunch or snack idea

Turkey and cheese rollups

PHOEBE IS A MEAT LOVER. I’m not sure why but she even gets excited about saying the word, “meat!” Anyway, I’m using this to my advantage these days–and enjoying easy lunches. Here’s today’s idea: Roll a slice of fresh turkey from the deli around a little rectangle of cheese. Try to use organic and experiment… 

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Let them help cook…and snack along the way

HOW TO GET YOUR TODDLER TO EAT MORE VEGGIES: pull up a chair, stool or other propping device and let her help you prepare dinner. Phoebe particularly likes “organizing” her ingredients so I give her a little bowl and a wooden spoon. Things go in the bowl, things go out of the bowl, things fall… 

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7 ways to get toddlers to eat more green vegetables

No thanks

How about eating some veggies? Right. I’M PRETTY SURE THAT getting kids to eat more veggies has been a struggle since the advent of dinner itself.  So when Marie submitted her question—I’d love to get my son Lex (2 years, 2 months) to eat more green foods — broccoli, zucchini, peas, maybe even attempt a… 

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Take a bite together

Got a stubborn eater? Or a non-eater? Sometimes (and I do mean sometimes) Phoebe is more willing to take a bite of something if I do the same. I’ll just say, “let’s take a bite together!” and suddenly the idea of a bite just got better. Sometimes.