baked mac & cheese…with carrots!

Carrot mac and cheese

THIS IS IT, MY NEW FAVORITE RECIPE for mac and cheese. I’ve mentioned Melissa Clark’s Carroty Macaroni & Cheese before, but before this week’s “carrot retrospective”/insane challenge to get our girls eating more of the orange stuff, I hadn’t actually tried it. Two main ingredients are hard to come by in Rome, cheddar cheese and… 

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carrot cake muffins with cream cheese filling

carrot cake muffins

THESE ARE DELICIOUS. I could probably end this post here but I’ll  go on at least long enough to share the super simple — and healthy — recipe. It was inspired by a comment from my friend and most loyal Foodlets reader, Lori, who substituted carrots for zucchini in a muffin-baking pinch. Whether orange or… 

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Carroty macaroni & cheese (an excerpt from A Way to Garden)


A GREAT IDEA FROM A GREAT BLOG. I’ll take it! This better-for-you mac & cheese recipe comes from Melissa Clark’s book, “Cook This Now”, by way of the best gardening blog around, A Way to Garden. An excerpt from Margret’s masterful gardening site introduces one of my favorite makeover ideas for comfort food: MELISSA CLARK… 

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Spice muffins with cream cheese frosting…and a secret ingredient

Spice muffins with cream cheese frosting

THESE MUFFINS STARTED OUT AS Pumpkin Bars from Paula Deen. In their second life they became a healthier version of pumpkin mini-muffins. Now they’re carrot muffins. And they’re delicious. Canned pumpkin is virtually non-existent in Rome and I’m not sure which Italian variety of zucca would work well enough to go through the cooking and… 

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Carrot and raisin cookies

Carrot cake cookies,

THESE DIDN’T WORK OUT. Not really anyway and it’s my fault. I made them for a friend who’s just had a new baby plus the playgroup. I know from experience that when you’ve recently given birth, you’re a. tired b. hungry and c. usually packing a few extra lbs, which calls for smart eating. That’s… 

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Side dish or pureed baby food: roasted squash with maple glaze

Winter squash,

HERE’S WHAT I do. Cut up any winter squash, slather with olive oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper. Then bake at 375 for about 35 minutes, depending on how big the chunks are. Puree for instant baby food or add to salads, soups or rice dishes. Either way it’s a tasty burst of vitamins A… 

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