no sugar blueberry muffins (sweetened with honey)

No sugar blueberry muffins in the pan

JUST IN TIME FOR BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! I love summer food. All those berries, sweet peaches and juicy cherries are so easy to serve as snacks (minus the juicy cleanup) but there’s an even better side effect: When I see my three rascals lined up on the counter stools, eating all that fresh goodness I feel… 

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Individual plum crisps (a Barefoot Contessa recipe makeover)

Individual plum crisps already cooked on the pan

WE’VE DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. Last summer a friend appeared on our door, bag in hand overflowing with juicy purple plums. We combined them with a few berries for a family-style dessert at a friend’s summer rental. This time we got our own plums and this time they were yellow. And this time, I… 

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Fresh peaches and cream muffins

peaches and cream muffins close up

I HAVE A MUFFIN PHILOSOPHY. (And when I say things like this, it amazes me that I found someone to marry me, let alone read this blog. So to you Paul and to you wonderful readers, thank you and bless you–and don’t hesitate to laugh at the ramblings of this crazy tired lady in the… 

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Fresh strawberry milk

strawberry milk

While I enjoy my mini-maternity leave, I’m thrilled to present a guest post from fellow mom and former colleague, Marie Facini. The genius in this drink is threefold: it’s exceedingly simple to prepare, it’s a great way to pack the all-important calcium punch, and it puts spring’s bounty of strawberries to good use.  


Baked oatmeal with balsamic strawberries

baked oatmeal with balsamic strawberries

OATMEAL WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Now that I’ve discovered a baked recipe that works for the small and smallest members of our household (aka with strawberries and without), I may never stand over a bubbling pot of oatmeal again. Or at least I’ll take a nice break from it.  


Fresh strawberry muffins

Fresh strawberry muffins

“YAY, THESE ARE GIANT MUFFINS!” That’s the refrain from the breakfast table in Rome these days. This weekend Phoebe and I remade a recipe from the Oprah magazine, for baked strawberry-buttermilk doughnuts. Our version is also baked, also full of strawberries but served in the shape of flowers.  


Chicken with plum sauce and roasted vegetables

chicken with plum sauce

IT’S THE TAIL END OF PLUM SEASON IN ROME. With so many to eat in so little time (namely, before a fruit fly colony invades our kitchen) plums got upgraded from snack item to dessert to dinner. These sweet little beauties are a great source of fiber plus vitamins C, A and K. To be… 

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