Frozen Grapes, Another “Why Didn’t We Do This Sooner?” Snack

frozen grapes

 If you haven’t discovered frozen grapes as snacks for kids yet…go straight to your freezer and throw a bunch in. (Or go straight to the store. Whichever makes more sense with your grapes situation at home.) The Technique Just pull the grapes off the vine. Pop them in a zip-top bag with enough space so… 

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How to Make Yogurt Parfait Popsicles, with Step-by-Step Photos

yogurt parfaits foodlets

 By now you know I’ll whip up homemade popsicles out of anything–and the kids will eat it with the biggest, drippiest smiles you’ve ever seen.Spinach? Yep. Lemonade? Of course. Pureed melon? Done, and loved. We’ve also made this Fresh Fruity Summer Porridge about a dozen times, by combining yogurt with whole oats and fruit and letting it sit overnight… 

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DIY bruschetta kids love

DIY bruschetta, foodlets

 Well, something amazing happened. Picture 5:30pm. On a bad day. You know, when the kids are yelling and fussing, you’re trying to get plates on the table and just as you do…everyone groans? Your husband is still at work and you’re wondering why you even bother making fresh meals for a knee-high crowd who doesn’t care? Now… 

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5 pictures of school lunches with 2+ servings of fruit & veggies (plus alternatives to sandwiches!)

fun and healthy school lunch ideas

 School has started again! And guess what that means? We’re packing school lunches again. Every day. Our kids are little, preschoolers and one first grader, and these are their favorite fun & healthy school lunch ideas–the school lunches they ask for and actually eat. Each one is full of fresh fruit and veggies, or the kind of thing… 

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Cheesy Bagels with Sliced Tomatoes

cheesy bagel with tomato

 When my husband walked into the kitchen he was still buttoning up his dress shirt. Glancing over at the kids diving into these bagels he asked, “Wow, are you guys having pizza for breakfast?” Kind of! These cheesy bagels with tomatoes are the easiest “cooked” breakfast I’ve ever made, requiring no more work than toast. The whole… 

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