Foodlets Top Four: Feeding Sets

WITH THE FOODLETS TOP FOUR criteria in mind–design, value and eco-friendly materials–these four sets made the super cute cut. 1 >> Baby Bjorn Plate & Spoon Set $23.89 at With a clover shape, the plate stays put even when baby has other ideas in mind. Two happy spoons are included and all materials are… 

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Barefoot Contessa Makeover: Corn muffins with jam filling

Corn  muffins

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER PLAYGROUP, ANOTHER BAKED GOOD. This time we tried something even more healthy…but it didn’t start that way. Barefoot’s corn muffins promise to be moist and delicious, which is easy to believe when you consider the half pound of butter called for in the original recipe. That won’t work for us so we… 

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How to cook millet

IT’S NOT JUST FOR BIRDS, but that’s probably where you’ve heard of millet. As birdseed. Unless you were in the Peace Corps like my friend Molly who said, “Oh. That was a staple for people in Niger when I was there.”  It makes sense though, because millet is easy to grow in places with extreme… 

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Ina Garten’s Roasted tomato basil soup


I’VE MADE IT BEFORE BUT THIS TIME, I ADDED A LITTLE MORE OOMPH. By now you know that I love my Barefoot Contessa. But you also might be aware of her delicious yet wildly fattening food, a dilemma for someone who is already 14 pounds heavier than usual, also trying to keep a 17-month old… 

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Pan roasted chicken with apples

IT’S DINNER TIME AND  it’s fall and that means…apples. This recipe was featured in my most recent Food Network magazine (which I actually love, for many reasons, but won’t go into that now). It’s simple, seasonal and really good! For Honey-Mustard Chicken and Apples, you brown the chicken thighs (which are juicier, cheaper and more… 

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