a new spin on…brussels sprouts: just add cranberries

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE RECIPE FOR BRUSSELS SPROUTS? Let me rephrase that, do your kids have a favorite way that you make Brussels sprouts? Ours is roasted brussels sprouts with olive oil and salt, though I’ve seen tasty ideas for pan cooking too. But when we had a small surplus of cranberries in the fridge I decided to throw a few in the pan (though I don’t see how it’s possible when there are so many cranberry muffins happening–plus a new recipe coming up tomorrow).

Here was the verdict: George (1 year) continued to love the actual Brussels sprouts, as he has every time we’ve made them. Estelle (2 years) ate more than usual and Phoebe (4 years) was thrilled to see those little red gems on her plate. It’s one of my oldest tricks/strategies/ways to avoid giving up, add something you know they like. Lemon is a big one for us and definitely made all the difference when we introduced seafood to our first toddler, but cranberries, those luscious little beauties, are part of our go-to stable now too.

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