overnight chia seed pudding with berries

chia seed pudding, foodlets

CHIA SEED PUDDING IS JUST ABOUT THE PERFECT MAKE-AHEAD BREAKFAST, particularly for sunny weather. But I didn’t always know this. The first time I made chia seed pudding, the whole concept was so foreign to me that I actually thought you HAD to use coconut milk. As though it wouldn’t work with other liquid. Like regular milk. Since then… 

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Make-Ahead Honey Mustard Chicken

honey mustard chicken, foodlets

“Can we make the chicken for them?” Phoebe whispered in my ear. (And when I say “whispered”, I mean she breathed. Little puffs of inspiration delivered straight to my ears. How can one request be so tickly and so excited all at once?) Paul’s parents were visiting from Florida and after a disastrous dinner the night… 

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$15 Giveaway, How to Make 5-Minute Yogurt Icing

angel food cake with yogurt icing

IT’S ALMOST BIRTHDAY SEASON. And there’s something in it for you already! Starting in May, we’ll have four birthdays in three weeks. Confession: even people who enjoy cooking get a little tired of baking cakes, cakes, cakes and one more cake. Enter the gorgeous and easiest cake of the season. I saw something like it online, from scratch…. 

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one-pot homemade mac & cheese

one-pot homemade mac & cheese, foodlets

I THOUGHT I NAILED IT with our 15-minute homemade mac & cheese. Then I heard something mind-blowing. You can make one-pot pasta. With almost anything. Now I just walk around saying, “Wait, what?!? WHY haven’t we been doing this all along? Why have I been washing all these pans? Is this some sort of joint conspiracy… 

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4 Ingredient Protein-Packed Peach Smoothies

frozen peach smoothies

SMOOTHIES. AN EASY SNACK FOR KIDS. A healthy snack for kids. What’s not to love? Plus, smoothies are so versatile. If you want something refreshing that won’t ruin the kids’ appetites before dinner, blend up this combination: 1 banana 2 cups frozen fruit, in this case peaches 1 cup milk If you’re looking for a snack… 

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Avocado Toast

avocado toast, foodlets

THAT’S RIGHT. No jam, but a thick smear of fresh avocado instead. Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle salt and breakfast (or snack) is done faster than you can say, “My kids will NEVER eat that”. I know because I didn’t think mine would either. But because we’re always gluttons for punishment… 

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Easy Veggie Calzones

easy veggie calzones, foodlets

MY KIDS WERE BORN IN ITALY so they know their way around a pizza. But calzones were new to them. I loved these veggie calzones for their individual portions and portability. Plus they’re basically a pocket to fill with vegetables. Lots of kids have trouble eating veggies at dinner, partially because that’s the only time of… 

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Sautéed Cabbage with Sausage, Apples & Onions

cabbage, apples and onions

“I JUST DON’T LIKE IT” they all said. Before any of them had tried a single bite. Even I was worried. Would four kids under the age of six like sautéed cabbage and sausage with apples and, gasp, onions? But I couldn’t help myself. A dinner like this is so nutritious, so colorful and it’s even… 

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bell pepper sailboats

bell pepper sailboats, foodlets

WHEN IT COMES TO CUTE FOOD SOMETIMES PARENTS GRUMBLE, “But then they’ll ask for something special every day!” I imagine my brood like little emperors reclining on fluffy pillows with pipes perched in the corners of their jam-smeared mouths. In come the demands: “Bring me my grape caterpillars!” “You call that a spider sandwich?” “WHEEEERE is my… 

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strawberry chia seed pudding pops

strawberry chia seed pudding pops

NOT EVERY KID IS A CHIA SEED PUDDING LOVER. I know. I have four small kids now and they’re all doing this thing where they’re developing their OWN tastes. It reminds me of this great post from Facebook, “I want my children to be independent headstrong people. Just not while I’m raising them.” But when a mother’s… 

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3-Ingredient Chia Seed Refrigerator Jam

3-ingredient chia seed refrigerator jam

WHY MAKE JAM when in the year 2015 it’s very easy to zip right down to the Food Lion and pick up a jar or seven? And what about your mom’s delicious homemade recipe? Here’s my case for chia seed refrigerator jam: Store-bought or homemade, jam is typically full of sugar. Making traditional strawberry jam… 

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7 Nutritious Finger Foods for Babies (the Whole Family Loves, Too)

nutritious finger foods for babies the whole family loves

HEALTHY BABY FOOD DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PUREED. And it can be part of a meal you’re making anyway. When it comes to great finger foods for babies, here are 7 of my favorites–which happen to be elements of family favorites as well. 1. CRUSTY BREAD (OR TOAST). We serve a loaf of crusty bread with… 

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Lemon Yogurt Cakes with Blueberries

lemon yogurt cakes with blueberries

{SPONSORED POST} THERE’S A SECRET TO MAKING A CAKE MOIST. Add yogurt. This time, it was Yoplait Greek 100 Whips and the result was delicious. I learned about yogurt cake when we lived in Italy. Estelle was about a month old when we took a weekend trip to Umbria and did all sorts of things I… 

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slow cooker shredded pork with fresh apples

slow cooker shredded pork with fresh apples, foodlets

THIS IS THE JUICIEST SLOW COOKER PORK I’VE EVER HAD. We have another awesome (and simpler) recipe for slow cooker pork here but this one, inspired by Real Simple, works even harder. If you’re worried that picky eaters won’t try it, this pulled pork uses two strategies for serving kids new foods: Bridge foods, serving a new food… 

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Mini Broccoli & Cheese Patties (“Broccoli Cookies”)

mini broccoli and cheese patties foodlets

PSSST. THESE ARE NOT COOKIES. But my kindergartener insists these broccoli & cheese patties are. Because of the shape. Obviously I did nothing to deter the automatic adoration that came with the name. I just got out the Ranch dressing and continued to mind my own business. Yes, I totally believe in Ranch dressing as a… 

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Enchilada Casserole with Quinoa & Black Beans

enchilada casserole foodlets

THIS WEEK I PREPPED 5 KID-FRIENDLY DINNERS IN 1 HOUR. It’s the first time I’ve tackled something so organized. What I learned from the whole crazy process is a whole other post, but this recipe for a meatless make-ahead dinner was one of them and it’s an unexpected keeper. Filed under It’s Always Gotta Be Something,… 

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No-Bake Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Bars

rascals poking chocolate bars

WE’VE MADE A LOT OF THINGS LIKE THESE. Homemade Lara Bars, DIY Kind Bars, Oat & Chocolate Balls and more…but these are the easiest. And the least expensive. They’re also the lowest in sugar, without any sweetener at all. One more thing. They’re the yummiest too. The formula for these healthy no-bake bars is simple: 2 cups… 

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