Ginger Peanut Noodles with Bell Peppers

peanut ginger salad review, foodlets

These cold noodles are a summer staple. Because they are awesome. At least some of our kids think so. Use any shape of pasta your kids like and don’t worry about the flavor of whole-wheat pasta taking over because in this salad, that nutty whole-wheat taste holds up perfectly. Even better than regular pasta. These noodles are a simpler… 

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Sliced Cucumber Sandwiches

turkey & cheese cucumber sandwich

No bread here, just crunchy slices of cucumber. The cucumber IS the bread. Why? Because we have 457 million cucumbers growing in our garden right now. Plucking 4, 8, 12 cucumbers out of the yard every day means my fridge is overflowing with the darn things. (Are they mating in there? Raising happy little families right… 

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Birds’ Nests: Baked Pasta Cups with Spaghetti & Spinach

birds' nests, baked pasta cups

Leftover pasta becomes an easy lunch for kids, one with a little imagination that makes for cute lunch discussions. It also includes spinach. Because you know my policy on making things Florentine: Do it as often as possible. We’d had spaghetti for dinner the night before. I threw in an extra handful of whole-wheat pasta, then stored… 

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Real Food Starter Recipes Tested By Real Kids: 5 Simple (& Healthy) Dishes Kids Love

olive oil and baby carrots

Trying to move toward more home cooked meals and less processed food? Worried about time? What about going to the trouble of cooking only to have the kids give your meal a big thumbs down? This is the place to start. I’ve jumped in to many silly tasks in my day. Signed up for things on a… 

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Slow Cooker Cheesy Rice with Beef & Beans: A One-Pot Tex-Mex Meal

slow cooker rice, beans, beef & peppers

WE’RE ON A BIT OF A ROLL with meals like this slow cooker rice, beef, beans and peppers. There’s been quinoa enchilada casserole, slow cooker shredded chicken Tex-Mex, and one-pot Mexican casserole–each one a total success with the munchins. I mean, I don’t want to jinx it or anything. Because if there’s a roll, I want… 

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Easy Pita Pizzas with Cheese & Spinach

white pizza with spinach

There’s nothing like an easy lunch for the kids. Unless it’s a healthy lunch. And this one’s both. Bonus, even though these easy pita pizzas with cheese & spinach are warm and gooey, the whole thing is done in 5 minutes flat. Our kids don’t always like a “cooked lunch”. I’m guessing because they often have to… 

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Cod with Lemon Orzo & Peas: A 15-Minute, One-Pot Dinner

cod with orzo, foodlets

Two people in my house love fish. Two people in my house think they don’t like fish, then try it. Then decide they love fish. They are preschoolers and do this every time. One person may never love fish. Hint: He shaves. When it comes to seafood, my husband is in the same camp as Jim… 

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7 Fresh Fruit (& Veggie) Packed Popsicles Kids Love!

7 fresh fruit & veggie homemade popsicles

Who said delicious homemade popsicles couldn’t be full of fresh fruit and even a couple of veggies? These are our favorite fresh fruit & veggie popsicles, a fun way to get kids closer to the recommended 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Spinach & Pineapple Popsicles Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding Pops Peaches & Creamsicles Cantaloupe… 

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Recipe: 4-Ingredient Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (on a John Deere Tractor Cake)

John Deere Tractor Cake

This is the creamiest, richest, most melt-in-your-mouth chocolate buttercream frosting you may ever have. And guess what, there’s no white sugar involved. Only honey. In fact there are only 4 ingredients. If you don’t count the tractors. All you need for this simple chocolate buttercream frosting is: vanilla cocoa powder honey butter For this particular birthday… 

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Healthy Party Food for Kids: DIY Raw Veggie Cups

diy veggie cups and dip

Party food for kids needs to be festive. Fun! Colorful! Fresh! And with any shred of hope, simple. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like getting so stressed out about entertaining a group of kids that I’m shrieking at my own offspring all morning long. Enter veggie cups. We discovered kid-friendly raw veggies served in cups with a dollop of Ranch dressing… 

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Low-Sugar Hummingbird Cake

low sugar hummingbird cake, foodlets

It’s already been a year! We celebrated Violet Agnes’ first birthday in exactly the way you’d expect. With balloons, grandma visiting from the West coast and of course, a low-sugar birthday cake. This one is our version of a “hummingbird cake”, which Wikipedia calls “a banana pineapple spice cake common in the Southern United States”. My mom… 

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blueberry smoothies with a superfood surprise

FROZEN BLUEBERRY, fresh avocado smoothies

Frozen blueberries are an ingredient I make sure to never run out of. Honestly, there is usually a pile of bags taking up most of the space in my freezer. This is because in my weekly grocery shopping blitz, the one where I spend 20 minutes trying to throw everything I need into the cart before… 

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how to make little fish cupcakes

how to make little fish cupcakes

We’ve had our eyes on these little fish cupcakes for a while. Cute, right? Our version of little fish cupcakes is very similar, except we skipped the special eyes and just went with M&Ms. I’ll show you how we did it right here. These are the big finish for our pool party food drive birthday party… 

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3-Ingredient Strawberry-Peanut Butter Wraps

strawberry peanut butter wraps

The idea for these easy strawberry-peanut butter wraps came from a new cookbook I’ve already grown to love,“Real Baby Food: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby & Toddler”. We’ve devoured had these several times and when I say “we” I mean all the kids, even baby Violet, and me. And we can’t wait to have… 

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How to Make a Pasta Salad Turtle: The Potluck Dish of Your Kids’ Dreams


Even though it’s been a while, moving back to America from Italy has meant many big changes. English. Big cars. And potlucks. So many potlucks. Church potlucks, school potlucks, people who get mail potlucks (you’re coming, right?). We have another one coming up in a couple of weeks and I have to confess something: I… 

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Saucy Meatball Sliders from “Real Baby Food”

17_MeatballSliders_Jenna Helwig Baby Food Book12107.smaller

I love mini food for kids. It’s easy for them to handle and the portion sizes are perfect. But there’s something I like even more than mini food, versatile food. Meatballs can be served straight-up, in pasta or on small buns as sliders. Like these! Whole wheat dinner rolls make the excellent “buns” and bonus, you… 

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