Cod with Lemon Orzo & Peas: A 15-Minute, One-Pot Dinner

cod with orzo, foodlets

Two people in my house love fish. Two people in my house think they don’t like fish, then try it. Then decide they love fish. They are preschoolers and do this every time. One person may never love fish. Hint: He shaves. When it comes to seafood, my husband is in the same camp as Jim… 

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Thumbs Up “All the Way to Heaven” Fish Stew

thumbs up fish stew, foodlets

I’M JUST AS SURPRISED AS YOU ARE. When I mentioned fish stew to my husband that afternoon, it was with this instruction, “So you might want to go to the store and get yourself some burritos or something.” He’s not a fish person. That much I knew. Then, bracing myself for a round of complaints, I… 

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Simple Seafood, a recipe excerpt from “100 Days of Real Food”

simple seafood, from 100 days of real food

{Excerpted with permission from “100 Days of Real Food” by Lisa Leake} One great thing about having fish for dinner is that it doesn’t take long at all to cook. Served with a couple easy side dishes (such as roasted veggies, a salad, and/ or baked potatoes), this dish could quickly be whipped up for… 

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healthier fish & chips for kids

healthier fish & chips for kids, foodlets

THE LAST TIME I HAD FISH & CHIPS–AND THE FIRST TIME THE KIDS EVER HAD IT–WAS IN LONDON. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Except, the rest of my memories include being very, very sick. No, not food poisoning, just the flu. But the worst flu, and even worse timing. We were actually moving from Rome to… 

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Tuna nicoise potato salad, Italian style

tuna nicoise salad

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. What kids eat salad? For dinner? If serving a fresh potato salad isn’t in the cards for your crew, consider using the same ingredients to create a plate that works for everyone, without a lot of extra effort on your part. (Also, French kids eat salad. Really!)  


No-cook dinner: shrimp couscous with feta, tomatoes and zucchini

Cous cous with Estelle's hand

IT’S HOT, MAMA. I have two temperature-related rules when the needle hits 90: we’re not going to the playground in the afternoon (especially not with Baby G in the super sweaty Bjorn) and I’m not cooking unless I have to. Enter couscous. The ultimate ingredient for a kid-friendly fast dinner.  


Salmon-vegetable chowder

veggies for salmon chowder

IN TIME TO GIVE IT A TEST RUN, we’re considering this salmon-vegetable chowder from The Food Network magazine for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s packed with veggies and just enough seafood to qualify for the Feast of Seven Fishes, a catholic tradition sometimes observed here in Italy. It’s a nod to the Roman Catholic tradition of… 

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Pesto shrimp pasta

Pesto Shrimp Pasta

I WAS EXHAUSTED. It turns out that having a toddler and a baby (plus a husband, house and job) is tiring. I just needed a quick dinner but it had to be healthy. We’d been relying too heavily on pizza around here, being Rome you can imagine how often this possibility comes up, and I was craving something more fresh. That’s when I saw these giant shrimp at the store. Sold!


Roasted fish with potatoes

Roasted fish with potatoes

  IF YOU’RE NOT A FISH PERSON–more importantly, if your kids aren’t–this dish is for you. Tender and mild, the fish fillets simply roast under a bed of thinly sliced potatoes slathered with olive oil plus fresh rosemary and lemon. The flavors are subtle yet the dish feels hearty. Decidedly not fishy. In fact, Phoebe… 

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