Why I’ll Never Buy Another Piñata: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Throwing Birthday Parties for Small Kids

Estelle blowing out cake

We’ve jumped the gun so many times as parents. There was the time we took preschoolers camping. (They were scared, they had to go potty. Unzipping and zipping the tent a million times at night is less restful than you think.) When my husband tried to share a classic movie he enjoyed as a kid, “The Apple… 

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Healthy Party Food for Kids: DIY Raw Veggie Cups

diy veggie cups and dip

Party food for kids needs to be festive. Fun! Colorful! Fresh! And with any shred of hope, simple. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like getting so stressed out about entertaining a group of kids that I’m shrieking at my own offspring all morning long. Enter veggie cups. We discovered kid-friendly raw veggies served in cups with a dollop of Ranch dressing… 

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Low-Sugar Hummingbird Cake

low sugar hummingbird cake, foodlets

It’s already been a year! We celebrated Violet Agnes’ first birthday in exactly the way you’d expect. With balloons, grandma visiting from the West coast and of course, a low-sugar birthday cake. This one is our version of a “hummingbird cake”, which Wikipedia calls “a banana pineapple spice cake common in the Southern United States”. My mom… 

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how to make little fish cupcakes

how to make little fish cupcakes

We’ve had our eyes on these little fish cupcakes for a while. Cute, right? Our version of little fish cupcakes is very similar, except we skipped the special eyes and just went with M&Ms. I’ll show you how we did it right here. These are the big finish for our pool party food drive birthday party… 

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No Presents Please! How to Host a Food Drive Birthday Party

food drive birthday party

I CAN’T DECIDE WHAT I LIKE MORE about this food drive birthday party. Helping families in need or cutting down the clutter in our own house. (Selfish, true. Now back to the story!) For my kindergartener’s birthday party we’re asking friends not to bring presents. But to load up on groceries instead! It took a couple of… 

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How to Make 5-Minute Yogurt Icing

angel food cake with yogurt icing

IT’S ALMOST BIRTHDAY PARTY SEASON AT OUR HOUSE. And there’s something in it for you already! Starting in May, we’ll have four birthdays in three weeks. Confession: even people who enjoy cooking get a little tired of baking cakes, cakes, cakes and one more cake. Enter the gorgeous and easiest cake of the season. I saw something like… 

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how to make mini marshmallow flowers

how to make mini marshmallow flowers

SHHH. There’s a very small person sleeping right next to me, which is the only reason I’m able to post today’s cupcake recipe and how to make mini marshmallow flowers tutorial. That, and even on Father’s Day, my brave husband has taken all three of our “bigger” kids out to breakfast and to church. Alone…. 

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maple syrup sweetened chocolate cake & 5 things I learned about throwing kids’ parties

estelle with cake

WHEN I ASKED ESTELLE WHAT SHE WANTED for her 3rd birthday, she said, “chocolate cake with chocolate frosting”. Okay, then I explained that she could ask for presents too, like at Christmas time. “Oh!,” she said. “And a chocolate bear.” That’s what she got in her stocking, apparently making quite an impression–more so than the… 

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mini mac & cheese cups (with carrots too)

mac & cheese mini muffins, foodlets

LAST WEEK WE HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY LUNCH for 6 preschoolers to celebrate Estelle’s 3rd birthday–and at the birthday girl’s request, these mac & cheese mini cups were the main course. Like our broccoli & cheese pasta cups, they’re essentially macaroni and cheese (with a built-in veggie) to go. And like our broccoli & cheese pasta… 

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a pink tea party birthday theme, perfect for a 4th birthday party

emilee's tea party birthday party, foodlets

WHEN EMILEE ASKED FOR A PINK TEA PARTY, her mom, Amanda, put together an event straight out of Steel Magnolias (minus any of the sad parts). Pink, pink and more pink! From handmade paper flowers to homemade strawberry preserves and scones to his and hers dress up stations, this was a tea party every pirate… 

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a “cupcake wars” inspired bake off birthday party, happy 10th birthday rian!

cupcake wars party, foodlets

SHE DID IT AGAIN! Remember the rainbow spa birthday party? Or the sweet shop birthday party? Now Amber, who blogs at Cake Pops and Squats, has created a birthday bake off competition for her 10-year-old’s big day. It was “Cupcake Wars” for 14 ten-year-olds in one kitchen, and if you’re wondering how she pulled it off,… 

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the cutest texas bbq you’ll ever see: kennedy’s first birthday party!


ON A COLD, RAINY DAY IN NORTH CAROLINA, I can’t help but grin looking at these adorable first birthday party photos, sent in by the mother of our newest Featured Foodlet, Kennedy. Find out how her mom pulled off the cutest BBQ bash of the year. Name of the birthday girl: Kennedy Parents: Breanne and… 

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rainbow spa birthday party ideas for girls: happy 5th birthday, elle!

rainbow party cakes close

ELLE IS A “VERY GIRLIE GIRL”, says her mom Amber, who blogs at Cakepops and Squats. By the looks of this amazing 5th birthday party, I’d say Elle is a very lucky girl, too! Here’s how Amber pulled off a rainbow spa themed party for five. It’s an admittedly sugar-filled affair but what we love… 

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dinosaur themed birthday party ideas: henry turns 3 with a dino dig!

dinosaur birthday cake and cupcakes

IT’S A LUCKY LITTLE BIRTHDAY BOY whose mom is an event planner. When Henry turned three, Sara (of Sara’s Soirees in Seattle) pulled out all the stops for her dino-loving little guy, starting with the invitations. “Each child was mailed or hand delivered a small green plastic shovel with a tag tied to it that… 

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tea for three: a tea party birthday for phoebe

phoebe birthday chocolates

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A LOLLIPOP CAKE, everything was purple and lavender. Heavily influenced by a certain Fancy Nancy, Phoebe’s third birthday party was a color coordinated, albeit small affair. Since she’s expecting a baby brother any day now, we celebrated Phoebe’s special day a little early with a tea party for three. Along with… 

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low-sugar chocolate covered banana cake pops for estelle’s first birthday

banana chocolate cake pop

SHE’S ALREADY ONE! And to celebrate Estelle’s first big day with friends, we made cake pops. But not just any cake pops. These started with a healthier version of David Lebovitz’s amazing banana cake, in honor of Estelle’s favorite fruit, then we dip, dip, dipped our way to chocolate covered bliss.  


a sweet shop birthday party theme: happy 8th birthday, rian!

Sweet Shop Birthday Party buffet and oreo pops

NOTHING COULD BE SWEETER than a candy store birthday party. “Rian’s birthday is the day before Halloween,” says mom Amber Schotemeyer from her Virginia home. “She wanted to do a sweet shop party so we tied it in with a sweet Halloween theme.” Here’s how they pulled off the best bash of the year.  


a garden birthday party with low sugar “dirt cups”: happy 2nd birthday phoebe!


THE DIRT CUPS WERE a process. For Phoebe’s second birthday I set out to create a garden party in Villa Ada, Rome’s largest park. And the star of the show, other than the birthday girl’s pretty fabulous tutu, was the “dirt cups”, aka, brownies and pudding mixed together in tiny terra cotta pots with worms,… 

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