7 Easy Cooking Projects for Kids

7 easy cooking projects for kids

BECAUSE THERE ARE SEVERAL SMALL PEOPLE in my house, I usually stick to straightforward recipes. But every once in a while a recipe is so simple the kids can practically cook it themselves. Those are the best. Armed with aprons, patience and a few more tips for cooking with small kids, here are a few of… 

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how to save time in the kitchen

10 ways to cook dinner faster, foodlets

I CAN’T ARGUE WITH HIM. In his book “Cooked”, Michael Pollan says “The most important thing you can do with your health is cook.” He says things like this a lot, and he doesn’t mean adding wheat germ to everything. “Eat anything you want,” he explains in this great little animated RSA video. “Just cook it yourself.” Cooking at home… 

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Experts Say Kids Aren’t Getting Enough of 4 Most Important Nutritients

phoebe with a berry

WITH SMALL KIDS IT CAN BE SUCH A STRUGGLE just to get them eating that sometimes nutrition gets lost in a kaleidoscope of organic cracker crumbs and leaky sippy cups. But flipping through the newest issue of Parent & Child magazine last night, this quote caught my eye. Lynn Brann, Ph.D. assistant professor of nutrition at… 

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What Food Banks Need Most (And What They Get Too Much Of)

20 things food banks need most, foodlets

IS THERE A FOOD DRIVE GOING ON NEAR YOU? Every day for the last week, our kindergartener has loaded up her purple backpack with groceries for her class’s food drive. Boxes of whole-grain pasta and jars of tomato sauce, brownie mix and canola oil, all easier-to-make versions of meals I regularly fix for our family. But I got to thinking,… 

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how to cook dinner, every single night

dinner every night

YOU KNOW HOW THE KIDS WANT DINNER EVERY NIGHT? This relentless demand is actually one of the things that TERRIFIED me before becoming a parent. In my NYC single days I often ate a PB&J or cereal for dinner. You know, with a bowl of ice cream later on. Perhaps in front of the TV. Sure, I… 

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food is love. pass it on.

food is love. pass it on.

SOMETHING EXCITING IS HAPPENING. A young pastor at our church asked me a question this Sunday. I say “young” because he’s the kind of guy who I used to think was, you know, just a guy. About my age. Then he said something like, “Awesome!” with just a little more pep than I expected and… 

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the real reason why family dinners are so hard

Estelle unsure about dinner

Sometimes people say to me, “you must be such a good mom”. They think I’m rocking this parenting thing, probably running circles around them, because I make such a big deal out of cooking for our kids. Guess those people have never seen my laundry room. Cooking dinner, like every single part of parenting, is… 

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1 dinner 3 ways: stuffed peppers with beef, tomatoes & rice

Stuffed peppers

LAST NIGHT’S DINNER WAS A DISASTER. Sometimes I use a lot of smart strategies for making dinner quickly and easily, but not last night. There I was at 5:30pm, stirring a pot on the stove to make a vaguely Mexican dish I saw somewhere online. You know, the kind that’s not too spicy for the kids but still… 

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8 SIMPLE ways to feed kids better instantly

george and the big red bowl

Sometimes feeding these kids reminds me of that old saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them eat anything other than dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.” Right? But the truth is, eating healthy as a family can be easier than you might think. Try these simple tips for quick results. (Number 3 even surprised… 

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Cook, Clean Food Off Floor, Repeat

Phoebe and Estelle cooking, foodlets

There are few things more grueling than the day-in-day-out demands of feeding kids. Actually picking up the phone instead of emailing someone? Merely annoying. Laundry? Never-ending but at least it stays in polite piles until I can get to it. This rigorous routine of three meals a day plus snacks has nearly pushed me over… 

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10 real ingredient, packaged foods this food blogger swears by

foodlets favorite packaged foods for kids

THAT’S RIGHT, I DON’T ALWAYS COOK EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH. Most of our meals are made from fresh, whole ingredients but not every time. Anyone with small kids (and likely those without but who can even remember those days right now?) will run out of two things at some point: time and energy. Or maybe it’s just… 

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10 food rules for kids who eat healthy at home

phoebe and estelle

The idea behind Foodlets has always been a testing ground for feeding kids; my goal was to uncover the secret sauce that turns babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even their older counterparts into tiny people who enjoy eating real food. People who are open to trying new flavors and eating vegetables, fresh fruit and whole foods… 

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your favorite posts of 2013

best kids' recipes of the year, foodlets

YOU KNOW HOW SOME YEARS ARE SORT OF HO-HUM? This was not one of them. Our brood moved to a mini-farm outside of Durham, North Carolina, my husband got a new job, our preschooler started a new school and I kept on blogging with the two littlest guys at home. It’s been fun, hard, hectic,… 

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