Because Even My “Mom Shorts” Were Feeling Pinchy, I Drank SkinnyTox Wellness Tea for 2 Weeks

skinnytox tea in open box

*SPONSORED POST There comes a time in a mom’s life when she just can’t take it. When she says, I’m ALREADY in my “just buy a bigger size” shorts and these things are still fightin’ me every time I get to the button. You win, Costco shorts, you win. It’s uncomfortable to be overweight. And TIRING. Neither of… 

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Foodlets’ Top 10 Posts of 2014

your favorite posts 2014

  CRASH, BANG, ZZZZ. There it is. The sound of success. We broke the internet this year, you and me. I mean, it was no Kardashian bum (and really, what is?), but thanks to you, our food bank post went certifiably viral. I always wondered what would really hit a nerve (and certainly worried that nothing… 

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Win a Copy: “The Grain-Free Family Table: 125 Recipes for Fresh, Healthy Eating Every Day” by Carrie Vitt

grain free family table

Sometimes I ask you guys what, if anything, I can give more of here at Foodlets. What would be useful? Lots of you have recently mentioned grain-free recipes and while several of our dishes here are certainly grain or gluten-free (vegetables, for example) it’s not an area of focus for me. That’s why I’m so… 

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Welcome Violet Agnes Mathews

welcome violet agnes mathews

SHE’S HERE! We’re so thrilled. And a little tired. Our fourth Foodlet has arrived and while I haven’t been in the kitchen for the last week — thanks to two grandmas and our entire church community — I’m so happy to introduce you to Violet. Look for more kid-friendly recipes, more ideas and more tales… 

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Big, fat, international move in progress…

Italy to NC

If you’re wondering whether I’ve run out of ideas or simply surrendered to chicken nuggets, fear not! The good fight wages on but we’re in the process of moving from Italy to the US–as a new-ish family of 5–and boy is it taking a long time to get settled. Once we’re past the living-out-of-suitcases stage,… 

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Back in action

A three-pack of foodies

We’ve got a new addition here! Estelle Marie was born in February, prompting a multi-month break in the action (as it were, though the site has been in “prep” mode ever since I started it last year…) This means another little mouth to feed soon, which means more material. So without any further delays, here… 

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Pan roasted chicken with apples

IT’S DINNER TIME AND  it’s fall and that means…apples. This recipe was featured in my most recent Food Network magazine (which I actually love, for many reasons, but won’t go into that now). It’s simple, seasonal and really good! For Honey-Mustard Chicken and Apples, you brown the chicken thighs (which are juicier, cheaper and more… 

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Quesadillas cubed

Quick idea for a toddler-friendly lunch or dinner… one whole wheat tortilla cut in half + cheese + turkey, chicken, ground beef or beans put one side of the tortilla in a pan and add the cheese plus protein, making sure to get cheese on top and bottom because it’ll be the glue, and add… 

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Ina Garten’s white bean and rosemary soup

white bean and rosemary soup,

I LOVE THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA. I just do. I always have, I hope I always will. Her recipes are always delicious, they inspire me to try new things and she just seems fun, doesn’t she? With that husky laugh and a button down shirt, there she is making all manner of soups, roasted chicken and… 

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