Grated carrot salad, a recipe inspired by “French Kids Eat Everything”

grated carrot salad with basil up close

DON’T WORRY, AN INTERVENTION ISN’T NECESSARY. But we liked the grated carrot salad from Karen Le Billon’s book so much I wanted to include it here. I also changed the dressing a bit, making it a little more Italian rather than French. It’s still every bit as Euro-delicious.  


Endive kiwi salad, a recipe from “French Kids Eat Everything”

Endive kiwi salad

LIKE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, WE CAN THANK THE FRENCH for this one. Karen Le Billon, inspiring writer and author of my new fantasy lifestyle manual favorite book “French Kids Eat Everything“, introduced this idea to our household. And hold on to your hats because the kids ate it. Salad. One toddler, one preschooler, eating… 

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10 Questions for Karen Le Billon, author of “French Kids Eat Everything”


I’M TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH INSPIRED BY the lovely stories and excellent advice in this book, “French Kids Eat Everything.” We’ve tried a few recipes, and had success (thank you Karen!) and better yet, we’re giving away 2 copies of this book to lucky readers who enter before August 13. In the meantime, more advice from… 

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