little things that work: add a sweet potato to your next pan of potatoes

sweet potatoes and yellow potatoes

WE ALREADY KNOW THE KIDS LIKE ROASTED POTATOES. But spuds, full of potassium as they are, still don’t have the nutritional punch as some of their neighbors in the produce section. Here’s the solution. I’ll use the proven potatoes as a starting point then slip in some sweet potatoes (or carrots) just to add color,… 

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oven roasted broccoli with sea salt

Oven roasted broccoli in a bowl

WE ROAST EVERYTHING. That’s my number one, hands-down secret to getting kids to eat vegetables. Roast them. Because it makes them delicious. We’ve done it with asparagus, carrots, cauliflower and of course potatoes and the result is always the same: the kids love them. The fact that it’s easy doesn’t hurt either. That’s why we tried broccoli last week…. 

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Roasted fall vegetables: potatoes and fennel

roasted potatoes and fennel

I’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND IT’S STILL TRUE: if your kids are reluctant to eat veggies, the best thing you can do is roast them. The veggies, not the kids. Here’s my favorite way to prepare almost any vegetable, and bonus, the best way to slide a new one in there too. We combined a… 

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Mini turkey burgers with rosemary plus the secret to great roasted veggies

Mini turkey burgers

I WAS ON MY OWN for dinner the other night with the kids, so I knew it had to be good. Wary of my two-highchairs-to-one-adult ratio, this wasn’t the time to experiment with exotic flavors. In times like these (or when I’m so tired that I might tip over, not unlike a giant Weeble Wobble… 

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