Why I’m still buying organic food for my family

Estelle and CCM shopping at the produce market

Oh boy. Aren’t the cynics laughing now? This week, USA Today reported on a new study, noting that organic produce may not be more nutritious than conventionally grown vegetables. But just a second. As I’ve often mentioned here on Foodlets, I believe in buying organic. And in my opinion, the story around this four-year study… 

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How to get kids to try new foods (without begging, bribing or losing your mind)

Estelle at restaurant

Every meal with 18-month-old Estelle starts the same way. I lift the fork to her lips, just as she clamps them shut. “No.” There’s twisting, frowning and eyebrows furrowing and it would be maddening if this lasted for more than five seconds, but we’re on to her. At this stage, and there will be many… 

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Why are some kids such picky eaters? Simple solutions worth trying

A FRIEND OF MINE relayed a familiar scene with her four-year-old on Facebook. Lucy: “I don’t like these meatballs.” Me, noticing that they are still in big pieces: “Hmm, do you want me to cut them up a little more?” Lucy: “That won’t make them yummy.” So goes the battle that in our house, we… 

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