Scrambled eggs with spinach, cheese and tomatoes

I BLAME INCISORS. Phoebe hasn’t eaten dinner two nights in a row now. She’s also been a whiny mess all day, cute but whiny. So it came as no surprise when she declined dinner tonight, save for picking out a few diced tomatoes. She actually likes eggs and she likes cheese; she’s also a fan of eggs and cheese. Spinach is usually a turn-off but tomatoes are beloved right now. I thought maybe one would legitimize the other–or at the very least cancel each other out. I was wrong. It hasn’t been the first time and definitely won’t be the last. Sigh.

If you’d like to try making something like this for your family, regardless of the crying that ensued here, I’d highly suggest it. Here’s a good way to start:

half a dozen eggs (for 2-3 people) and a splash of whole milk whisked together for a few minutes. Put it in the pan and when the eggs start to take shape, add a handful of frozen spinach (thawed ahead of time; if still frozen add it at the same time as the eggs), another handful of diced cheese (we used provolone), salt, pepper and herbs (we used dill). Add the tomatoes at the very end so they don’t break apart too much. Especially if you’re counting on them to sell the dish.

She’s now in bed. I’m going running.


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