Green eggs and ham

YOU KNOW HOW TODDLERS BECOME OBSESSED with something and want it over and over? We’ve been in a Green Eggs & Ham bedtime rut routine for a while now and I’ll tell you what. It’s not awesome. But inspired by Phoebe’s unwavering passion (Is there anything that I like this much?), combined with a little laziness on my part, I whipped up a batch for dinner in real life. Paired with banana chocolate chip pancakes, it was a pretty tasty meal–despite what the picture tells you.

This is actually the second time we’ve sat down to green eggs this week. I mentioned the first one on Facebook without a photo (now do you see why?) and it wasn’t pretty, even less so than these eggs. I mean, you’d think I write a food blog or something! Sheesh. So anyway, here we go again.We used cubed pancetta sauteed first then added eggs, milk, salt, pepper and green food coloring. Four drops. For the pancakes, I took a shortcut. Bisquick got a healthy boost by adding 1/4 Greek yogurt and 1/4 cup wheat germ plus diced bananas. That way if 4 or 5 chocolate chips made their way into a few pancakes, the sugar crash was probably going to be less intense. And it was, less. Real maple syrup is always a hit around here and as has become the custom, Estelle enjoyed a pancake of her own. (No eggs yet, as Phoebe pointed out several times, “because her a baby.”)

The funniest part of the meal came well before. Right before her afternoon nap I was telling Phoebe that we were having this dinner again tonight. A few minutes later I asked her what her favorite name for our new baby is. Here’s how it went:

“Um, my favorite name is Phoebe.”

“Right. What about a name for our new baby? What should we call him?”

“I know, green eggs and ham! That’s my favorite. It’s not your favorite, it’s MY favorite.”




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