Foodlets on Epicurious

WOW! AND YAY! Foodlets is featured on The Epi-Log in my very own Q&A interview. This blog appears on Conde Nast’s notable food site, Epicurious. I’m especially thrilled to see our crazy humble ideas there because a. It’s Epicurious and b. I love Conde Nast; my first job was at Bride’s Magazine in New York City, approximately 70 million years ago. In fact, I moved to The Big Apple with two boldly naive career ideas in mind: I’d work at NBC or Conde Nast. The stars aligned, the magazine worked out, and it’s been all glamor and fame since then.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Just kidding but from Bride’s to iVillage, HGTV then Martha, I’ve loved (almost) all of it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to making wheat germ muffins while balancing Estelle on my hip…





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