Sausage rolls…pigs in a blanket all grown up

I MAKE THESE EVERY TIME I HAVE A PARTY. Everyone loves them. So, when I saw Jamie Oliver make something similar for his family, I broke out one of my favorite Barefoot Contessa recipes. Trying to make it a little healthier, this is sausage with puff pastry after all, I added protein-rich white beans that the kids love. There was only one problem with this dinner. The kids hated it.

In the past I’ve made these with kilbasa but they don’t really have that in Italy so I used some nice turkey sausage instead. The only down side was taking the time to cook it, which was hardly difficult but another step nonetheless. And I removed the casings as an experiment. In went the white beans and fresh thyme. The remaining instructions are very simple. Unroll puff pastry, slather with mustard and fill. Roll up in two parts, brush with a whisked egg, score the tops and pop into a hot oven (according to puff pastry packaging). Wait about 25 minutes, and ta-da flaky, savory deliciousness. At least I think so.

We’ll try it again though. Like many, if not most, new dishes this one might be an acquired taste. It’s definitely something that’s better when you’re not teething either, so Ms. Estelle, you’ve got a sausage roll in your future.



  1. Cheri says

    Although my favorite post on Foodlets is your introduction of the adorable George, this one is a close second. I’m 6 months pregnant and craving baked goods, but not sweets. This sausage roll looks fantastic. I’m making it tomorrow to start putting a dent in the fresh thyme taking over my herb garden.

    • charityc says

      And thanks Cheri. Little G is sitting here with me now in the (home) office. Here’s to a good morning nap to come! And good luck to you with your baby on the way. Hope the sausage rolls hit the spot in the meantime. Also, you don’t have to break up the sausage if that’s easier–you could just cook it in the casings. I broke it up because I thought it would be easier for the kids to bite into and chew. They weren’t really fans, regardless, but we’ll try again another time.


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