Easy Pita Pizzas with Cheese & Spinach

white pizza with spinach

There’s nothing like an easy lunch for the kids. Unless it’s a healthy lunch. And this one’s both. Bonus, even though these easy pita pizzas with cheese & spinach are warm and gooey, the whole thing is done in 5 minutes flat. Our kids don’t always like a “cooked lunch”. I’m guessing because they often have to… 

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3-Ingredient Strawberry-Peanut Butter Wraps

strawberry peanut butter wraps

The idea for these easy strawberry-peanut butter wraps came from a new cookbook I’ve already grown to love,“Real Baby Food: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby & Toddler”. We’ve devoured had these several times and when I say “we” I mean all the kids, even baby Violet, and me. And we can’t wait to have… 

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Easy Veggie Calzones

easy veggie calzones, foodlets

MY KIDS WERE BORN IN ITALY so they know their way around a pizza. But calzones were new to them. I loved these veggie calzones for their individual portions and portability. Plus they’re basically a pocket to fill with vegetables. Lots of kids have trouble eating veggies at dinner, partially because that’s the only time of… 

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Toasted Turkey, Salami & Cheese Sandwiches: Homemade Mini-Grinders

grinders, foodlets

THERE WERE TWO STOPLIGHTS in the town where I grew up. And in between them was Rome Pizza. I told you about how much I loved their Hawaiian pizza when I was a kid but they also made something so mouthwatering I still remember it, all these years later. Grinders. But here’s the thing: I only… 

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spider sandwiches

spider sandwiches, foodlets

IN KEEPING WITH OUR EASY HALLOWEEN FOOD IDEAS theme, today’s spider sandwich is so simple and surprisingly sturdy that they make great snacks or lunches on the go. I know this because George, my two-year-old, reached up and grabbed the container ours were stored in no less than five times before we got out the… 

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bread machine whole wheat rolls with yogurt & oats

homemade rolls for kids, oats, whole wheat, flaxseed, yogurt, foodlets.com

WELL, WE DID IT AGAIN. And I actually can’t believe it. After a week that included 1-2-3 then 4 and 5 different household members succumbing to the nastiest little tummy virus in the South, we had another dinner party this weekend. It sounds counterintuitive (and a little crazy) but the house needed a good scrubbing… 

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kid-friendly mini reuben sandwiches (a step-by-step recipe)

platter of mini reuben sandwiches, foodlets

IT’S NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY, BUT ST. PATRICK’S DAY can be really fun. Especially if you’re four, three or even one–and there’s special food on the menu. We’ve got a bunch of festive ideas coming up and these mini-sandwiches are just the first. Bonus, they’re not limited to leprechaun season so you can make them any… 

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sandwiches on a stick

sandwiches on a stick, foodlets

FOOD ON A STICK has got to be the easiest way to make food fun. (Except for maybe making parfaits with yogurt, chili, whatever…but I digress!) It was our turn to bring the preschool snack again and we picked these little sandwiches on a stick, which could certainly work for lunch too. I liked that we… 

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little things that work: simple Christmas shapes for sandwiches

gingerbread shaped sandwiches

ALL YOU NEED IS ONE BIG COOKIE CUTTER plus five spare seconds and lunch will be served with an equally large smile. (Save the outside of the bread to make eggs-in-the-hole later in the week. Another smile, coming right up.) I have a gingerbread, a snowflake (a ghost and a pumpkin too) and doing this one… 

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little sandwiches for lunch: rollie pollies kids can’t resist

peanut butter and jelly rolly pollies on Foodlets

THERE’S USUALLY A WAY TO MAKE it more interesting, but not always time. I went to a parents’ discussion at our local library last night, something that made me feel extremely grown-up, where the social worker who was speaking described parenthood in two ways: sometimes it’s about surviving, other times we’re thriving. Immediately I thought… 

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ham, cheese and apple melts

Ham, cheese and apple melts

RECENTLY I’VE GOTTEN A LOT MORE STRATEGIC ABOUT MAKING LUNCHES AND DINNERS. Our kids are so small that we always have tons of leftovers. And while none of us are crazy about eating the same thing over and over, I’ve found that many meals can be made into something tasty later in the week. That’s… 

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homemade ham & pineapple pizza

ham and pineapple pizza, foodlets

NO ONE LOVES A SPIN-OFF MORE THAN ME. I’m a huge fan of Hawaiian pizza so it wasn’t even a question that we’d turn our pork & pineapple skewers into kid-friendly ham & pineapple pizza sooner or later. Just don’t tell the Italians… The flavor is so nice, we might try this again with the healthy deep… 

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homemade deep dish pizza with pepperoni (with a surprisingly healthy ingredient)

homemade pepperoni pizza for kids, foodlets

THERE ARE TWO IMPORTANT THINGS to say about this pizza: First, it’s (pretty) good for you. Second, it’s only moderately popular at our place. {Wah, wah.} Estelle and I seem to like it best…which makes Paul and Phoebe something of pizza purists. This is after all, Italy…  


Homemade skillet pizza with pepperoni, salami and peppers

Pinch the pepperoni to add texture, pizza

BARBARA KINGSOLVER, in the gorgeous memoir, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle“, says her family eats pizza every Friday. Homemade pizza (her husband whips up the dough), and while toppings always vary, never having to think about “What’s for dinner?” just simplifies their week. I think it’s brilliant.  


Pizza with asparagus, ricotta and lemon

asparagus lemon and ricotta pizza

NOTHING SAYS SPRING IS HERE LIKE the arrival of asparagus. And it’s delicious, so I’m in. Actually the little guys did pretty well with the asparagus pizza. They each ate a piece or so, and in this house, that’s a win. (Plus Phoebe loved helping make this simple dish.) Mixed with creamy ricotta full of… 

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Balsamic vinegar chicken sandwiches

balsamic vinegar chicken sandwich on foodlets.com

PHOEBE’S NOT EATING ANYTHING with “salad” on top, but minus the offensive greens she tucked into one of these last night with gusto. Thanks to *Jessica Seinfeld’s sneaky trick, this tangy sauce includes freshly steamed and pureed broccoli, which doubled as a baby food side dish for Estelle. Paired with our new family favorite, roasted… 

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a Halloween party menu plus healthier Halloween cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes

DESPERATE FOR A LITTLE TRICK-OR-TREATING, we hosted our own Halloween party for ex-pats this weekend. The result: 13 kids, 15 adults and countless cupcakes. Costumes for the Mathews crew included one garden gnome (and if you’ve never heard a 2-year old try to say “gnome” I highly recommend it) and one flower. Monster Mash played… 

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