healthier broccoli & cheddar soup

broccoli and cheddar soup, foodlets

ADD THIS ONE TO THE “AT LEAST I LIKED IT” CATEGORY. But we’ll try again because I actually loved this soup, so there’s gotta be hope for the rascals. Besides, they can’t get enough broccoli when it’s roasted with olive oil, so the hardest part–getting them familiar with the sometimes tricky flavor of broccoli–is already… 

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sweet & salty “lollipop” cheese balls

cheese balls on a tray

“THEY LOOK LIKE LOLLIPOPS!” That’s what 2-year-old Estelle said when we made these, and you’d think that would be enough encouragement for the preschoolers at Phoebe’s school to dig in. It wasn’t. Despite our best efforts (though they weren’t actually very hard), these snacks crashed and BURNED when we brought them for the class to… 

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spooky spider eggs

spooky spider egg, foodlets

THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE PINTEREST IDEA, from our Healthy-ish Halloween Ideas for Kids board. Like the string cheese witches’ brooms, they’re absolutely adorable but also…shockingly easy. My girls are egg people. They love eggs. Hard boiled eggs. Egg salad sandwiches. Scrambled eggs. So I knew this would be a hit. And it was. For… 

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Michael Pollan’s vinegar chicken made easier and ALMOST kid-friendly

Braised chicken with vinegar and tomatoes

PROJECT “CLEAN OUT THE PANTRY” is officially underway! That’s right. We are finally, finally, at long last and just in time, moving into our new house. Which is good because I was going to pack up anyway, headed straight for the loony bin. Six months of temporary living among too many moving boxes and too… 

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diy dark chocolate truffles

dark chocolate truffles on

THESE WERE A DISASTER. A delicious disaster, but nonetheless. I decided to update Heidi Swanson’s No-Bake Chocolate Cake to give it a kid-friendly spin. It turns out that a recipe basically made of pure chocolate doesn’t actually need a spin. Except for the part where the debilitating sugar crash ends the activity in tears. See: disaster… 

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Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Tex-Mex

Slow cooker chicken tex-mex

WHEN IT’S HOT, HOT, HOT outside, the last thing I want is to be inside cooking dinner beside an even hotter stove. Enter the slow cooker. I used to hate this thing, mostly because I could never find a recipe that worked without a package of onion soup mix. At all. But this chicken recipe turned… 

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Sausage rolls…pigs in a blanket all grown up

sausage rolls how-to

I MAKE THESE EVERY TIME I HAVE A PARTY. Everyone loves them. So, when I saw Jamie Oliver make something similar for his family, I broke out one of my favorite Barefoot Contessa recipes. Trying to make it a little healthier, this is sausage with puff pastry after all, I added protein-rich white beans that… 

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Heart-shaped carrots and zucchini

all heart shaped carrots

CUTE, RIGHT? Didn’t matter. I could whittle these carrots into the shape of Phoebe’s smiling face and it wouldn’t make a difference. She doesn’t like carrots. Or zucchini. And the only thing that coaxed her into eating one of each (as is our family rule at dinner time) was the promise of “cake” afterward.  


Healthier chocolate chip cookies

2011-12-31 misc

IT WASN’T THE COOKIES’ FAULT. After whipping up a batch of The Sneaky Chef’s “Unbelievable Chocolate Chip Cookies” (pictured above) and another batch of “Chocolate Chip Cookies” from Weelicious, the whole family came down with the flu. Before things took a turn for the worse, we had just enough time to come up with this… 

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Chinese BBQ pork with noodles, carrots and broccoli

BBQ Chinese Noodles with Carrots and Pork

WELL, I REALLY MESSED THIS ONE UP. Let’s just say feeding the toddler two pieces of peanut butter toast 90 minutes before dinner wasn’t a recipe for success. Even when said dinner involved pasta and barbecue sauce, two things she holds dear. It’s a shame though because this was so good! We’ll try again another… 

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Broccoli & cheese pasta cups

broccoli and cheese pasta cup featured

WE TRIED IT AGAIN. The pasta cups are back and this time, just as I threatenedpromised, I added broccoli and ricotta cheese, trying for a bit of a quiche flavor. Speaking of flavor, I also added herbs, fresh parsley and basil. I thought they’d look festive and pack a bit of punch too. Also, the… 

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Chocolate scones with peanut butter

Chocolate scones

TOAST. TOAST WITH JAM. TOAST with peanut butter.  This is how most mornings begin at our house, with a request for the same thing. Every day. Toast. In the past it’s been oatmeal which I admit is a gooier task to prepare and certainly to clean up. But really, how much can a piece of… 

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Easy pasta primavera

MY COOKING CONFIDENCE TOOK A BEATING this week. First, Phoebe and I prepared Italian Style Pasta & Cheese Cups for a post-play date lunch yesterday. There was a pan-melting incident but sadly that wasn’t the worst of our lunch woes. Sufficed to say the only people who ate said cups were me, the other mom… 

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Grilling: The long, slow road to dinner

Grilling dogs and veggies

I DIDN’T THINK I LIKED GRILLING going into tonight’s dinner and now it’s confirmed. I hate it. What’s appealing about spending two hours in front of a smokey mess, poking, coaxing, begging the coals to just light already? Wondering when/if the whole thing will ever, ever be hot enough to cook meat without giving everyone… 

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Ina Garten’s Lentil soup with sausage

WE LOVED IT, PHOEBE DIDN’T. Such is life, especially when you’ve got a toddler. This lentil soup, originally inspired by the Barefoot Contessa, is a favorite for Paul and me but this time I added a couple of special ingredients: lentils that Paul got from the Salone Del Gusto food festival plus fresh turkey sausage…. 

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