3-Ingredient Strawberry-Peanut Butter Wraps

strawberry peanut butter wraps

The idea for these easy strawberry-peanut butter wraps came from a new cookbook I’ve already grown to love,“Real Baby Food: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby & Toddler”. We’ve devoured had these several times and when I say “we” I mean all the kids, even baby Violet, and me. And we can’t wait to have… 

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3-Ingredient Chia Seed Refrigerator Jam

3-ingredient chia seed refrigerator jam

WHY MAKE JAM when in the year 2015 it’s very easy to zip right down to the Food Lion and pick up a jar or seven? And what about your mom’s delicious homemade recipe? Here’s my case for chia seed refrigerator jam: Store-bought or homemade, jam is typically full of sugar. Making traditional strawberry jam… 

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A Heart-Shaped Strawberries, Cheese & Crackers Board 3 (Easy) Ways: Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

foodlets strawberry cheese and crackers boardq

I WARNED YOU. If you follow Foodlets on Facebook (and I hope you do), you’ll see that I posted a strawberry, cheese & crackers board for Valentine’s Day…and vowed to do it again. Here’s the first one. But first, one quick note about the ups and downs of fresh strawberries. It’s not strawberry season in… 

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strawberry jam bars with oats

oatmeal bars with jam (in pan) foodlets.com

THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO MAKE THESE–one involves chocolate while the other is packed with chia seeds, flaxseed and dried cranberries–and believe it or not, both are delicious. We’re focusing on the second option here, but you can zip right over to eHow to get our chocolate version too. In a long line of yummy… 

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honey-sweetened strawberry smoothies

no sugar strawberry smoothies, foodlets

THINKING OF SOMETHING PINK? Even in wintertime, a smoothie hits the spot. And if a little pink goes a long way with your crowd, try this honey-sweetened strawberry smoothie. The star of this show is frozen organic strawberries, which double as ice cubes and make the whole thing frothy as well as sweet, not to… 

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strawberry jam muffins with glaze

low sugar strawberry muffins with strawberry glaze

FRESH STRAWBERRIES ARE HARD TO COME BY this time of year. And if you’re into cooking fairly seasonally like I am, you might love a cheat like this one. Get all that yummy strawberry flavor (and the pretty pink color) by using strawberry fruit spread. Try to find something low in sugar and even better… 

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double berry cream puffs, a step-by-step recipe for kids

strawberry cream puffs, foodlets

I’M A BIT OF A SUCKER FOR VALENTINE’S DAY. The kids don’t even know what it is, but now that we’re back in the US, I’m diving into all the special occasions, big and small. That’s why I can’t wait to serve them these little strawberry cream puffs on February 14. They’re pink, they’re easy… 

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no-sugar strawberry apple fruit roll-ups (a homemade fruit leather recipe)

strawberry apple fruit rollups

THERE WAS A TIME WHEN PHOEBE’S FAVORITE food was a “bar”. Any bar, as long as it came in a crinkly package with neat edges. I don’t have a small factory set up in my kitchen (though sometimes it feels that way), so when it comes to competing with packaged snacks my strategy is this:… 

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Fresh strawberry milk

strawberry milk

While I enjoy my mini-maternity leave, I’m thrilled to present a guest post from fellow mom and former colleague, Marie Facini. The genius in this drink is threefold: it’s exceedingly simple to prepare, it’s a great way to pack the all-important calcium punch, and it puts spring’s bounty of strawberries to good use.  


Strawberry mini muffins

strawberry mini muffins

WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH fresh strawberries! Hoping to soak up the best of the season, we’re experimenting with new recipes all the time. This one was quite tasty–and thanks to the magical combo of a freezer and a zip-top bag, we’re still enjoying them a week later. Well, those of us who aren’t cutting FIVE… 

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Fresh strawberry muffins

Fresh strawberry muffins

“YAY, THESE ARE GIANT MUFFINS!” That’s the refrain from the breakfast table in Rome these days. This weekend Phoebe and I remade a recipe from the Oprah magazine, for baked strawberry-buttermilk doughnuts. Our version is also baked, also full of strawberries but served in the shape of flowers.