Top 10 foods (nearly) every baby likes

PACKED WITH NUTRITION, you never have to feel bad about giving these to baby as often as you both want.

1 >>Sweet potatoes
Roasting in the oven is easiest. Just rub the skin with a little olive oil, poke a few times with a fork and roast at 350 for about 45 minutes, depending on the size of your sweet potato.

2 >> Bananas

Mashed, sliced or frozen, it’s hard to go wrong with a food that’s basically a stick.

3 >> Prunes

Considered a delicious treat in France, give prunes a chance. Remove the pit and tear the soft flesh into bit-sized pieces for baby. Or squeeze the fruit from the skin to mash into cereal, or yogurt.

4 >> Pears

Sliced, diced or whole. Phoebe loves holding the whole pear in her hands now (she’s just turned one)–though she always holds it upside down.

5 >> Applesauce

Try adding cinnamon. It’s got health — and taste — benefits. Also, take this chance to mix in pureed veggies for a nutrition boost. Carrots, squash and roasted beets work beautifully.

6 >> Carrots

For some babies, carrots will be a texture do or don’t. Phoebe enjoys mashed carrots but isn’t interested in steamed carrot sticks (at least not right now). Either way, try adding sage plus a nice bit of olive oil and roasting the whole thing on a cookie sheet at 375 for about 20 minutes, depending on how large or small your carrot pieces are.

7 >> Cottage cheese

Calcium here we come. Add fresh peas, soft, sliced fruit like peaches, pears or apricots.

8 >> Whole wheat bread

Half a slice makes the perfect snack on the go.

9 >> Rice cakes

Really. Chances are, rice was one of the first things your baby ate as cereal. Now the puffy rice cake is the perfect thing to munch on, gum on while teeth come in. Make sure there is no salt added and try different grains; we’ve enjoyed kamut and millet.

10 >> Beans

For a fiber and protein fix, try whole beans–pinto, navy, kidney, white. Little fingers love pinching each bean plus it’s hard to make a mess…but not impossible.


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