Apple cake pops for Teacher Appreciation Day

TALK ABOUT MAKING FOOD FUN! My friend Amber emailed these amazing cake pops that she made for Teacher Appreciation Day. Besides being so cute I can hardly stand it, they’re filled with…OREO truffles. The original idea was inspired by Raising Memories, and the cake pop part is simple:

Grind up a bag of Oreos and mix in a package of cream cheese. Combine and roll into balls. Chill for and hour.  Make the stems by using pretzel sticks (clever!): dip them in candy melts then stick securely into the truffles. Chill for another hour before dipping in red candy melts. As for the little leaf? Cut a Mike and Ike candy in half.  Set them on parchment paper to dry.

(This adorable sign is a printable from Bloom Designs Online.)

If you think this is sweet, you should see the 7th birthday party she planned for Elle’s (pictured above) big sister!




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