Chicken and peach kabobs

SO MANY FAILURES, SO LITTLE TIME. Since our pork and pineapple version was so tasty, I thought this was a natural spin-off. And it might have been, but I’d need to do things differently. Estelle actually ate quite a bit but Phoebe was having none of it and I couldn’t blame her. The chicken needed much more flavor so here’s what I’ll do next time…and I am pretty sure they’ll be delicious.

We’ll marinate the chicken in soy sauce and ginger plus olive oil. That’ll give it enough moisture to stay juicy on the grill pan plus if I let it soak overnight, we’ll have loads of flavor in every bite. If you try this before I do though, don’t marinate the fruit! And I’ll slide in a few slivers of red onion too. Wish us luck! Once it’s all mastered, I’ll put up a nice recipe. For now, let me know if you have a great/better idea for dinner on a stick. We’re big fans here!


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