Big, fat, international move in progress…

If you’re wondering whether I’ve run out of ideas or simply surrendered to chicken nuggets, fear not! The good fight wages on but we’re in the process of moving from Italy to the US–as a new-ish family of 5–and boy is it taking a long time to get settled. Once we’re past the living-out-of-suitcases stage, you can bet your biscotti that I’ll be back in the kitchen. Until then, I’ve saved a few ideas to post, ever so slowly. It’s like WW2 rationing, but with a lot more wheat germ. Ciao and wish us luck!



  1. Hannah says

    Where in NC will you be living? I am from Person County (our food claim to fame is the fact we have a Pimento Cheese factory in our town) but other parts of the “triad” have made frequent appearances on various Food Network Shows…

    • charityc says

      Hi Hannah! Pimento cheese you say? Love it. We’re headed for the “triad” area ourselves. Just as soon as we can tear ourselves away from the comfort of my in-laws’ amazingly hospitable home in Florida. We’re waiting for our shipment of household goods to arrive, you know beds, plates and so on, so we haven’t been in a big rush. Except we’re so excited to get settled! Anyway, thanks again and don’t go away. Some cute ideas coming right up.


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