diy dark chocolate truffles

THESE WERE A DISASTER. A delicious disaster, but nonetheless. I decided to update Heidi Swanson’s No-Bake Chocolate Cake to give it a kid-friendly spin. It turns out that a recipe basically made of pure chocolate doesn’t actually need a spin. Except for the part where the debilitating sugar crash ends the activity in tears. See: disaster above.

We followed the recipe for the most part, omitting all-spice and espresso and adding a pinch of cinnamon instead. The best part of this recipe was in the making. It’s an easy thing for kids to help with, since you basically melt chocolate, stir in some cream and pour into a pan. To get festive, we used a quarter sheet pan and poured the chocolate in a thin layer. Into the fridge overnight and out come the heart shaped cookie cutters.

The kids can add sprinkles, but my advice is to end things there. About 5 minutes after each of our girls bite into these, the tear explosion started. And that was the end of that. Back to sliced bananas for “dessert”.

BTW, we had much better luck with these.


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