2 ways to cuten up breakfast in 60 seconds: hard-boiled egg molds

I LOVE IT WHEN THINGS WORK OUT. And when you’re shopping online, that’s not always the case, right? Recently I went crazy took advantage of our new access to online shopping in the U.S. and tried out a dozen things I’d had an eye on in Italy (like this and this). But these little egg molds are two of my new favorites.

You peel a medium or large size hard-boiled egg and put it in the mold. Close the top and let it sit for a minute (the directions suggest plunging in ice water but we skip that part and it still works great.). Open it up and voila. A bear. A rabbit. An adorable breakfast.

Easy to use? Yes. Phoebe, who is 3 1/2, can do it herself.

Dishwasher safe? Of course.

Affordable? $4.48 for a pack of 2, on Amazon (at this time).


  1. cousin June says

    i use these……to make japense bento boxes for kids………..it’s so fun………..your so cutting edge charity………..thanks for georges handme downs………..

    • charityc says

      You are funny but you guys are totally welcome for the gear! Hope it’s handy. We LOVE hand-me-downs here and he actually hadn’t worn most of that stuff; my friends passed it along but George is such a bruiser than he sort of flew right through most of the clothes! We’ll see how it goes from here…and how the muffins affect things. Anyway, congrats again new Grandma!

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