homemade chicken nuggets

THIS ONE TIME, WHEN OUR KIDS WERE MISBEHAVING, we used a bribe to get them back on track. And these nuggets were part of it. A delicious part.

The problem: Whining, crying, tantruming, taking the other person’s sunglasses, wearing them upside down and shouting on a loop, “It’s actually mine! It’s actually mine!”

The solution: The promise of a picnic dinner at the playground IF EVERYONE IS NICE. (See above, and do the opposite.)

The thing is, they aren’t very familiar with nuggets. Born in Italy, Phoebe and Estelle had only been to the US a few times before we arrived for good this winter. Italians don’t do nuggets, and I love them for it. But boy have these guys learned fast. Nuggets are on the menu at the preschool, and therefore in our girls’ hearts. That’s why I finally decided to try these homemade chicken nuggets that I saw online years ago. Weelicious, as you probably know, is a brilliant site full of nothing but kid-friendly recipes, and that’s where we got this one.

No frying (they’re baked), no mystery ingredients (you buy the chicken), no drive-through windows (your car doesn’t become a rest stop for wayward French fries). Just tasty chicken.

Inspired by this idea of replicating packaged food at home, we’re going to try a bunch of these and see which become keepers. This includes a second recipe for chicken nuggets from Jessica Seinfeld, of sneaky pureed foods fame. Hers includes broccoli somehow and I can’t wait to figure the whole thing out. In the meantime, these were enjoyed thoroughly. It’s the most chicken I’ve ever seen Estelle eat. Another US thing they haven’t quite adopted yet, a big appetite for chicken. But this could be a start.


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