coconut pineapple mini-muffins, a “serious eats” recipe makeover

coconut pineapple mini muffins, healthy muffins for kids, foodlets

WE’VE BEEN MAKING A LOT OF LUNCHES around here. Foodlets Friday Lunch is a teeny, tiny pilot program that we started this spring. Every Friday I make lunch for the kids at Phoebe’s preschool and parents who are keen to buy one simply cover the costs. It’s not catering, not yet, but I hope it… 

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better-for-you double chocolate banana muffins, a “smitten kitchen” makeover

double chocolate banana mini muffins, foodlets

THERE ARE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE WHO LOVE MUFFINS. And we’ve made a lot of them. Banana muffins with millet, banana oat, chocolate zucchini and more. But none, not a single mini muffin, bug-shaped muffin or big ol’ muffin in the bunch compares to these. I have a toddler who now cries at the sight… 

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spinach wraps 2 ways for st. patrick’s day

Shamrock chips, spinach rollups

WHO KNEW THE EASIEST WAYS TO RING IN ST. PATRICK’S DAY were found in a package of spinach wraps? I bought a simple bag of 6 sandwich wraps from the grocery store then tried two things today. The first was lunch. My preschoolers (ages 4 and 3) were surprisingly thrilled with their green roll-ups. “Ooooh,… 

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a new spin on white bean hummus: add avocado

avocado white bean hummus,

IN HONOR OF LITTLE LEPRECHAUNS EVERYWHERE, and the parents who just wish they’d eat a few more veggies, we turned our new favorite dip a new shade…green. Faster than you can say, “Is that food coloring?” we simply threw a ripe avocado into the mixer as we ground up our white bean hummus with lemon…. 

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buttery-but-healthier oatmeal bars with jam

oatmeal bars with jam (in pan)

THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO MAKE THESE–one involves chocolate while the other is packed with chia seeds, flaxseed and dried cranberries–and believe it or not, both are delicious. We’re focusing on the second option here, but you can zip right over to eHow to get our chocolate version too. In a long line of yummy… 

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mini mac & cheese cups (with carrots too)

mac & cheese mini muffins, foodlets

LAST WEEK WE HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY LUNCH for 6 preschoolers to celebrate Estelle’s 3rd birthday–and at the birthday girl’s request, these mac & cheese mini cups were the main course. Like our broccoli & cheese pasta cups, they’re essentially macaroni and cheese (with a built-in veggie) to go. And like our broccoli & cheese pasta… 

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sandwiches on a stick

sandwiches on a stick, foodlets

FOOD ON A STICK has got to be the easiest way to make food fun. (Except for maybe making parfaits with yogurt, chili, whatever…but I digress!) It was our turn to bring the preschool snack again and we picked these little sandwiches on a stick, which could certainly work for lunch too. I liked that we… 

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strawberry jam muffins with glaze

low sugar strawberry muffins with strawberry glaze

FRESH STRAWBERRIES ARE HARD TO COME BY this time of year. And if you’re into cooking fairly seasonally like I am, you might love a cheat like this one. Get all that yummy strawberry flavor (and the pretty pink color) by using strawberry fruit spread. Try to find something low in sugar and even better… 

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no-bake oatmeal chocolate chip energy cookies

no-bake oatmeal energy cookies, foodlets

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING–Why would my kids need more energy!?–and I hear you. About the 50th time I’ve scooped George off the kitchen counter each day, or looked down only to find something like this happening, I have the same thought. And also this one. Who can make such a mess with toothpicks?

2-ingredient banana cookies (and neither one is sugar)

banana cookies

THIS WAS OPRAH’S IDEA. In a recent issue of O magazine, the one I read cover to cover with so much longing for the actual Oprah show that I practically ate every page–Oprah! Where are you? Now that I am finally, for the first time in my life, actually at home every day at 4pm…you’re… 

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sweet & salty “lollipop” cheese balls

cheese balls on a tray

“THEY LOOK LIKE LOLLIPOPS!” That’s what 2-year-old Estelle said when we made these, and you’d think that would be enough encouragement for the preschoolers at Phoebe’s school to dig in. It wasn’t. Despite our best efforts (though they weren’t actually very hard), these snacks crashed and BURNED when we brought them for the class to… 

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