Frozen Grapes, Another “Why Didn’t We Do This Sooner?” Snack

frozen grapes

If you haven’t discovered frozen grapes as snacks for kids yet…go straight to your freezer and throw a bunch in. (Or go straight to the store. Whichever makes more sense with your grapes situation at home.) The Technique Just pull the grapes off the vine. Pop them in a zip-top bag with enough space so… 

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How to Make Yogurt Parfait Popsicles, with Step-by-Step Photos

yogurt parfaits foodlets

By now you know I’ll whip up homemade popsicles out of anything–and the kids will eat it with the biggest, drippiest smiles you’ve ever seen.Spinach? Yep. Lemonade? Of course. Pureed melon? Done, and loved. We’ve also made this Fresh Fruity Summer Porridge about a dozen times, by combining yogurt with whole oats and fruit and letting it sit overnight… 

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Sliced Cucumber Sandwiches

turkey & cheese cucumber sandwich

No bread here, just crunchy slices of cucumber. The cucumber IS the bread. Why? Because we have 457 million cucumbers growing in our garden right now. Plucking 4, 8, 12 cucumbers out of the yard every day means my fridge is overflowing with the darn things. (Are they mating in there? Raising happy little families right… 

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7 Fresh Fruit (& Veggie) Packed Popsicles Kids Love!

7 fresh fruit & veggie homemade popsicles

Who said delicious homemade popsicles couldn’t be full of fresh fruit and even a couple of veggies? These are our favorite fresh fruit & veggie popsicles, a fun way to get kids closer to the recommended 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Spinach & Pineapple Popsicles Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding Pops Peaches & Creamsicles Cantaloupe… 

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Healthy Party Food for Kids: DIY Raw Veggie Cups

diy veggie cups and dip

Party food for kids needs to be festive. Fun! Colorful! Fresh! And with any shred of hope, simple. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like getting so stressed out about entertaining a group of kids that I’m shrieking at my own offspring all morning long. Enter veggie cups. We discovered kid-friendly raw veggies served in cups with a dollop of Ranch dressing… 

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blueberry smoothies with a superfood surprise

FROZEN BLUEBERRY, fresh avocado smoothies

Frozen blueberries are an ingredient I make sure to never run out of. Honestly, there is usually a pile of bags taking up most of the space in my freezer. This is because in my weekly grocery shopping blitz, the one where I spend 20 minutes trying to throw everything I need into the cart before… 

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10 Grain-Free Snacks for Carb & Sweets Lovers

10 grain-free snacks for kids

Looking for healthy snacks for kids with fewer grains, carbs and sugar? In a new editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, experts say we all eat way too much sugar. That no amount of exercise can reverse eating too many sweets, and all this sugar is leading to serious problems for everyone. “Poor diet now generates… 

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overnight chia seed pudding with berries

chia seed pudding, foodlets

CHIA SEED PUDDING IS JUST ABOUT THE PERFECT MAKE-AHEAD BREAKFAST, particularly for sunny weather. But I didn’t always know this. The first time I made chia seed pudding, the whole concept was so foreign to me that I actually thought you HAD to use coconut milk. As though it wouldn’t work with other liquid. Like regular milk. Since then… 

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4 Ingredient Protein-Packed Peach Smoothies

frozen peach smoothies

SMOOTHIES. AN EASY SNACK FOR KIDS. A healthy snack for kids. What’s not to love? Plus, smoothies are so versatile. If you want something refreshing that won’t ruin the kids’ appetites before dinner, blend up this combination: 1 banana 2 cups frozen fruit, in this case peaches 1 cup milk If you’re looking for a snack… 

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bell pepper sailboats

bell pepper sailboats, foodlets

WHEN IT COMES TO CUTE FOOD SOMETIMES PARENTS GRUMBLE, “But then they’ll ask for something special every day!” I imagine my brood like little emperors reclining on fluffy pillows with pipes perched in the corners of their jam-smeared mouths. In come the demands: “Bring me my grape caterpillars!” “You call that a spider sandwich?” “WHEEEERE is my… 

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strawberry chia seed pudding pops

strawberry chia seed pudding pops

NOT EVERY KID IS A CHIA SEED PUDDING LOVER. I know. I have four small kids now and they’re all doing this thing where they’re developing their OWN tastes. It reminds me of this great post from Facebook, “I want my children to be independent headstrong people. Just not while I’m raising them.” But when a mother’s… 

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apple & grape turtles

apple and grape turtles, foodlets

PERFECT FOR AN AT-HOME SNACK or even an “UN-BAKE SALE” (you know, a more nutritious option for fundraising than cakes and cookies), we’ve been dying to make these turtles for a while now. Here’s the review: They’re pretty awesome. They took about 1 minute each. The kids squealed. Difficulty level (1-5): 2 the teeny tiny eyes… 

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Lemon Yogurt Cakes with Blueberries

lemon yogurt cakes with blueberries

THERE’S A SECRET TO MAKING A CAKE MOIST. Add yogurt. This time, it was vanilla and the result was delicious. I learned about yogurt cake when we lived in Italy. Estelle was about a month old when we took a weekend trip to Umbria and did all sorts of things I can’t imagine doing now. Hikes (which… 

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No-Bake Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Bars

rascals poking chocolate bars

WE’VE MADE A LOT OF THINGS LIKE THESE. Homemade Lara Bars, DIY Kind Bars, Oat & Chocolate Balls and more…but these are the easiest. And the least expensive. They’re also the lowest in sugar, without any sweetener at all. One more thing. They’re the yummiest too. The formula for these healthy no-bake bars is simple: 2 cups… 

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A Heart-Shaped Strawberries, Cheese & Crackers Board 3 (Easy) Ways: Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

foodlets strawberry cheese and crackers boardq

I WARNED YOU. If you follow Foodlets on Facebook (and I hope you do), you’ll see that I posted a strawberry, cheese & crackers board for Valentine’s Day…and vowed to do it again. Here’s the first one. But first, one quick note about the ups and downs of fresh strawberries. It’s not strawberry season in… 

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Say It with Strawberries (and Cheese): A Fresh Valentine’s Day Treat for Kids

strawberry cheese board, foodlets

YOU COULD SAY IT WITH CHOCOLATE. Or smoothies. Even tiny cream puffs would be sweet. But today’s treat is a little healthier, a lot heartier and a great choice to bring to school as well. We used Mini Triscuits which I learned a while ago have two ingredients: wheat and salt. (Ditto for regular Triscuits, of… 

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