Balsamic vinegar chicken sandwiches

PHOEBE’S NOT EATING ANYTHING with “salad” on top, but minus the offensive greens she tucked into one of these last night with gusto. Thanks to *Jessica Seinfeld’s sneaky trick, this tangy sauce includes freshly steamed and pureed broccoli, which doubled as a baby food side dish for Estelle. Paired with our new family favorite, roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic, the meal was a hit. Coincidentally, Paul walked in from work just as our plates were hitting the table. Cheering ensued but I like to think they were excited about the food, too.

*One quick suggestion for this recipe: add the minced garlic to the sauce rather than sauteing with the chicken when it’s so likely to burn. Like mine did. I started over and it worked better the second way.

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