low-sugar lemon chia seed cakes

Lemon chia seed cakes on Foodlets.com

THEY’RE HERE! Remember when one of you wonderful people who actually read this blog asked me about doing a makeover of a recipe you found on your very expensive bag of chia seeds? I was all, sure, I’ll do that! Then we started moving, packing, unpacking, trying to find the grocery store, hunting down preschools…and all thoughts… 

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Lemon chia seed pancakes & muffins, breakfast recipes from “More Peas, Thank You”

lemon chia seed pancakes, muffin tops

TODAY’S POST IS A TWO-FER. As promised, we’ve got a delicious recipe from “More Peas, Thank You” by Sarah Matheny and as usual, I did a little revamp of my own. I just couldn’t help myself. Below you’ll find the original recipe for Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes plus our own muffin top version shown here.

Double chocolate zucchini muffins, a Muffin Madness contender

double chocolate zucchini muffins on foodlets

THERE’S A MUFFIN BRACKET GOING ON. It’s between Easy Peasy Organic’s sweet potato muffins and these double chocolate zucchini muffins from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. Since we’ve already started hearing from you about the sweet potato muffins, we tried baking the zucchini first. After patiently waiting driving me crazy while the muffins baked and cooled off,… 

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Lower-sugar, lower-fat golden yam brownies (An Allrecipes.com makeover)

Lower sugar, lower fat yam brownies, sweet potato muffins

THIS REQUEST CAME IN FROM ALASKA. Tricia, who is a mom to three boys living waaay up north, sent me a link via Facebook to these decadent treats with a healthy sounding name, Golden Yam Brownies on Allrecipes. She asked if I could do a healthier makeover. “My family LOVES it but it’s loaded with… 

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Chocolate pumpkin muffins two ways (both involve white beans, both are very good)

chocolate pumpkin muffins two ways

THIS BREAKFAST WAS ORIGINALLY A DESSERT, but if there’s an option to wake up to chocolate I have only one thing to say, yes please! It’s also packed with white beans, oatmeal and pumpkin, so there’s enough good-for-you ingredients to keep a kid going all morning long. (Mom, too.) First we redid Chocolate Covered Katie’s… 

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Frittata with spinach, pancetta & ricotta (a Barefoot Contessa makeover)

spinach, peppers and pancetta fritatta

MY BIG INDULGENCE IN ITALY, other than one trip to the Gucci outlet and one million bowls of gelato (which was probably more expensive in the long run!), has been an international subscription to the Food Network magazine. I’ve definitely learned a lot from Italians when it comes to food, family and the combination of… 

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Healthy chocolate-zucchini muffins for kids (a Paula Deen zucchini bread makeover)

zucchini muffins up close

STOP EVERYTHING. THESE ARE THE BEST MUFFINS you’ll ever make. And don’t tell Ina Garten because I’ve strayed again and updated another Paula Deen recipe for this one. Right now Paula’s zucchini bread is the most popular thing on the Food Network website; and my remake of her pumpkin cake (now pumpkin spice mini-muffins) is… 

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Pumpkin pancakes–plus meet the “featured foodlets” who sent in the recipe!

pumpkin pancakes

ONE OF MY DREAMS FOR THIS WEBSITE is to create an amazing collection of family-friendly recipes and meal ideas from moms and dads everywhere. There’s a special section on Foodlets devoted to this mission; you can upload your family’s favorite recipes (with photo) easily right here. But sometimes I hear from you directly, which is… 

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Fresh peaches and cream muffins

peaches and cream muffins close up

I HAVE A MUFFIN PHILOSOPHY. (And when I say things like this, it amazes me that I found someone to marry me, let alone read this blog. So to you Paul and to you wonderful readers, thank you and bless you–and don’t hesitate to laugh at the ramblings of this crazy tired lady in the… 

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Banana oat muffins


WE WERE GOING ON VACATION just as the first opportunity to volunteer at our church came my way. We go to Rome Baptist Church here in Italy not because we’re necessarily Baptists (though my husband grew up in the Baptist church) but because the sermon is in English. And they’re nice folks. Anyway, it seems… 

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Carrot cake pancakes

carrot cake pancakes close up

LAST NIGHT I PANICKED. It was nearly time to pick up the girls from nursery school, George was set on nursing until the cows came home (almost literally in this case) and no dinner was made. The 90 something degree heat didn’t help. But Pinterest did. I’d become obsessed with seen a recipe for Carrot… 

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Poached eggs with hash brown potatoes and peppers

poached eggs with potatoes and peppers

BREAKFAST FOR DINNER is one of our go-to techniques for dinner in a hurry. Now that we’ve got a third Foodlet on-hand, make that in-arms, cooking can be a little more complicated. As in, how can I make dinner and look after the toddler, preschooler and newborn baby without anyone accidentally getting grilled in the… 

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Fresh strawberry milk

strawberry milk

While I enjoy my mini-maternity leave, I’m thrilled to present a guest post from fellow mom and former colleague, Marie Facini. The genius in this drink is threefold: it’s exceedingly simple to prepare, it’s a great way to pack the all-important calcium punch, and it puts spring’s bounty of strawberries to good use.

Strawberry mini muffins

strawberry mini muffins

WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH fresh strawberries! Hoping to soak up the best of the season, we’re experimenting with new recipes all the time. This one was quite tasty–and thanks to the magical combo of a freezer and a zip-top bag, we’re still enjoying them a week later. Well, those of us who aren’t cutting FIVE… 

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